who we are & why we're here

This blog is written by me - Stix. I'm a stay at home mum right now, but was a membership co-ordinator, information adviser and administrator for a national music charity BC (before children).  I now fill my days with playtime, school runs, baking, walking and as little housework as possible!
I'm mum to Mini, whom my husband and I adopted when he was 13months old. He's now a 6 yr old school boy who loves Dr.Who, Lego and his sister, probably in that order.
I'm also birth mum to Dollop - a little miracle who was born May 2010. Dollop was a total surprise to all, but a pleasure and a treasure. She loves teddy bear, food and her brother - definitely in that order!
The husband and I have been married 10 years this year, I shall refer to him as nutty canoeist or NC which I think is pretty self explanatory...

The boy's behaviour is a blog about Mini's behaviour. It serves as a record to our family about a difficult time in our lives, and as a record of one family's search for help - in the hope that other families might recognise themselves, and have the courage to ask for help too. It's an honest account of our family life, and the journey we are embarking on...so I'll detail as much as I can whilst trying to protect my children's identities.


  1. I found your blog via the Bloggy Mom Blog Hop. Thanks for sharing your story, adoption is a part of our family as well. I have two cousins became family through adoption.

  2. Have voted, it is indeed very powerful. Well done for conveying such feeling. A very tricky skill.

  3. Hi there! Found your blog via twitter - I'm maevebeg.
    I'm ploughing through all of your posts from the start - really helpful as I'm working with a number of grandparents who have got care of their grandchildren, many of whom have had a real tricky start. There is no support for these families and the grandparents just carry on as best they can. I'll follow the blog and might in some small way be able to offer some virtual support!


    Maeve x

  4. Hi Stix,
    I've just found your blog. I'm also an adoptive mum. It's lovely to find other people going through similar things - and doing so well. Thanks.