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  1. Hi Vicki, I had trouble with my comment box at adoptsuccess , so I thought I would Thankyou for your kind message . I am glad you found it interesting . It must have been very hard when your husband fell ill, it would be interesting to survey how men are affected when children are placed . My husband had a difficult spell when the girls behaviour was relentless and all my time was being taken up with the girls .i notice you are with blogger gives me hope that I will eventually get my buttons and gadgets sorted

  2. Hello - I found your site as I was googling whichglassesarewhich (just had three orders in an hour and wondered if we'd been mentioned somewhere!) - I am SO glad that you won the giveaway and like them! I was interested to see you were involved with a music charity - I'm a late starter viola player, hence the glasses confusion! And a Steve Reich fan too - along with John Adams - life's ambition would be to play The Chairman Dances (and the St Matthew, but that's another story!). Anyway - love the 365 idea, I will check back soon! All the best, Hilly