Friday, 11 March 2016


Recently Mini had gone around a friend's house to play, and this week we were hosting instead.
Then just a little bit before school pick up, I got a text from another friend asking if I'd mind picking up her son too, as she was stuck at home with a sleeping poorly child. I offered to have her son stay for dinner, so ended up with 3 9 year old boys.

The weather was glorious, so after a quick trip to the shop for juice and biscuits, we headed to the park, along with Dollop for an hour's climbing and football.

Now, the second child has been here several times before. He's quiet, but a little sweetheart. Mini obviously knows our house rules, but after seeing how hyper and excitable the other child was, I quickly explained that we have to keep the noise down a bit because our walls are very thin. I also explained that Mini and Dollop share a room, so please could they leave her toys alone.

In general it all went very well. Since moving to this school, Mini's had a fair few friends over to play, as has Dollop. They all sat well at dinner time and ate pretty well. They were all polite. But I had to reign in the noise on several occasions, as I've discovered that 3 9 year olds and a 5 year old can reach decibels that match those of a front row seat at a Cradle of Filth concert!
But I was really proud of Mini, who after a couple of warnings from me, tried to calm his friends and quieten them down. He managed really well!

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