Thursday, 18 February 2016

A catch up - and some new therapy

Hello - it's me - have you missed me?

I thought I'd better come and give you a bit of an update whilst the children are happily playing with their happens so rarely!

Things aren't too bad at the moment. We've had a miserable start to the year with the NC still suffering a little, despite an operation in December. I was laid up in bed for a couple of weeks with flu, and still can't quite shift the accompanying cough, But other than that, lots of positive things have happened too...

Dollop started Rainbows and is loving it. At her first session she was happy to be dropped off as she knew other girls there from school. And she's already attended her first church service too.
Dollop's also doing well at school, speeding through reading groups and is well settled. She recently received Star of the Week too.
She makes us laugh every single day, although she has her stroppy madam moments too. She is friendly at school but has two particularly close friends, and together they are thick as thieves.

Well, Mini's started at Cubs. He's at a different group to before, and is now with school friends. He loves it too, and is keen to continue. Mini has also become very settled at school...super super settled in fact.
He loves his teacher, he loves his friends, he loves football club. He has regular playdates - with a good variety of friends at that. He has his moments of course - and just a month or so ago attacked me over his homework, injuring my wrist (ongoing saga) again, but for the most part he's very happy.

Last year we were granted funding through the ASF for a sensory assessment and - if needed - therapy to follow. The assessment found that Mini does indeed have sensory and related physical issues, and so sensory attachment therapy begun. It's very physical, with lots of ziplines, climbing inflatable toys, balancing, swinging etc in the most amazing village hall type building.
Bizarrely it's had little impact (in my opinion) on Mini's sensory issues, if anything they appear more acute. There's the constant noise, repeating sounds, dislike of textures, dislike of seams around his feet, hypermobility in ankles, lack of mobility and core more. However, I would say that since beginning therapy he's become more self aware of physical reactions like his heart racing in fear/anxiety, or butterflies in his tummy when excited. He's also become more verbal about those things, and can sometimes work out how to fix them.
It could of course be coincidence and maturity that's coming into play here, but I hope we can continue to build on it whatever it is.

So that's us. I really want to try to get back into blogging regularly, so if you don't see a post for a while then give me a nudge. I'll be aiming to share all sorts - primarily of course about our family, but you might also see the odd recipe or review. Hope you like them.

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  1. Good to see you back in the blogging seat. We should nudge and support each other in getting some blogging done. xxx