Monday, 13 July 2015

A calmness is descending

The kids are at school. They break up for the Summer next Wednesday and I'm approaching the summer holidays - as always - with a mixture of fear and happiness. Will I be able to keep them occupied for a whole 6 weeks? How many memory making opportunities can we squeeze in?

But this year is the first year, despite now having Dollop at school too, that I've not worried about end of term and therefore the transition between one school class and another. Mini is absolutely fine and happy about moving up to the next class. He's happy with the amount of transition work that he's done. He's happily brought home his new writing journal and completed the homework of decorating it and writing the first page too (even though he hates handwriting projects).
Dollop too is happy to be moving up to her next class, with her best friends and her boyfriends (!) although she's a bit worried about how shouty the teacher will be and I'm a bit apprehensive about the increasing amounts of homework for both children.

Is this how 'normal' households live?

Last week we had the children's school reports. They were both amazing. We can see how far Dollop has come socially, and her reading and writing skills seem to get better every week. She enjoys reading and I hope we can maintain that interest over the summer with library trips. Her school report confirms all of that, and talks of a few traits that were a little unexpected but are positive, and some that were expected that we can support her with.

But Mini's was on another level. It was so so different to his previous reports and talked of a child that I don't know very well! It talks of his ability to lead in a group but with sensitivity and consideration to the other group members; it talks of his confidence; it talks of the outstanding effort he puts into music and art projects. It talks of a young man who is settled, happy and meeting all his targets. Wow! We couldn't be prouder of Mini, and we're very pleased with the school too. He's not taking the praise too well, but a little present of new goalkeeping gloves kept a smile on his face.

It's not all easy all of the time. My nan is back in hospital and Mini has been rather wobbly about that. We're taking him to see her at the weekend, but we couldn't consider taking the children to the hospital, Mini just wouldn't cope with the small space of a private room, the sounds and smells, the wires and tubes. He doesn't know nan very well, but is clearly worried about her.
Mini still has wobbles over homework, but that's been scarce recently, so we're still enjoying this calm and peaceful time and just being a family.

Well done Mini and Dollop - we are so proud of all the effort and hard work you put in at school and proud of the lovely people that you are xx


  1. Sorry to hear about your Nan but lovely to read how well your children are doing. Well done them!

  2. Bravo Mini and Dollop! So great to approach the end of term with so many positives :-)