Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Why we don't always talk about the good bits...

It's sometimes hard to think about the best bits, because when you're in the middle of a good period, everything is a 'best bit'. I guess I only really write when things are tough, because that's when I need support, or have something I want to get off my chest. And that's quite normal in all sorts of scenarios and situations, not just adoptive parenting.

You may have noticed that I've stopped blogging as much on The Boy's Behaviour and that is really for the reason above. Things have been going well, and I don't really feel the need to shout about it too much, I'm just getting on and enjoying a relatively calm family life, but also I'm having to work bloody hard to maintain that calm family life and so have less time to write than I used to.

I do know though that if you're considering adoption, or are in the early days of a placement, then reading blogs like mine can be scary and depressing. You want to hear about the good bits, the family times, and the reasons why you should continue with adoption. And equally, if you're in the middle of a shit time with your own adoptive family, then reading about good times *can* give encouragement. I have of course, written positive posts before. In the darkest times, recording those little moments of goodness did help, but I do want to try and share a few more of the best bits now we're starting to have more of them...and hopefully I can bank them, and they'll see us through some of the tougher times that come and go.

So this post is for #thebestbits week on The Adoption Social and I'll be linking up (like old times) to Memory Box.

Last week I took Mini to the theatre for a special Mummy/Mini date for his first ever musical - Joseph and His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat to be precise.
He loves music, and I love Joseph, so when the opportunity came up to get tickets - good tickets at that - I jumped at it.
I was nervous I must admit, we were only a handful of rows from the front so it was going to be loud and I was concerned that it might be too much for him. He was nervous because he was sitting on an aisle seat and was worried people might knock him as they went past.


We had a fantastic time. It wasn't the same as those times I saw it at the London Palladium as a child, but it was good nevertheless and Mini LOVED it. He has a great memory for song, and was singing them on the way home, and even whilst he brushed his teeth. (And that's another thing, he actually brushed his teeth without question or argument!).
His #bestbit? At the end, some of the cast came out into the audience and danced to the Joseph Megamix, and because Mini was sitting by the aisle, he got a high five from one of the brothers. He declared that he had the best seat in the house after that!

Next time he wants to take Daddy, and he's definitely up for more theatre shows with Mummy too.

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