Tuesday, 3 March 2015

New boots

Dollop is a girly girl. She loves princesses, pink stuff, fairies, hearts and flowers. She has long hair (I recently had to plead with her to get it trimmed) which she loves having plaited and prettified with sparkly plastic bits and pieces. She adores Frozen, and loves Elsa and Anna.

So, when we went to pick out new wellies recently, she was very pleased to find Frozen wellies. I, however, was less enthralled by the white fake fur around the top, and the prospect of keeping them vaguely snow like. In the absence of any others in her size, we sighed with disappointment but agreed to look in another shop on another day.
As we carried on around the supermarket clothing section, we stumbled upon some more wellies that she liked, I liked and were much more practical than the silly pale 'girly' ones. These were 'Minion Boots!' from the movie Despicable Me. They were even in her size and when she tried them on they were a perfect fit.

There were a few strange looks from passers-by, and Mini pipes up "But they're BOYS wellies!".

Dollop was horrified, the thought of boys wellies was almost too much for her. (I can't blame her to be honest - I have to touch Mini's wellies and they're pretty stinky!)

I'm pretty disappointed that the store didn't have these Minion boots in both boys and girls clothing sections. After all, most of the girls I know enjoy Despicable Me as much as the boys. And I know a fair few boys that enjoy watching (and singing along to) Frozen, although I get that fluffy sparkly wellies might not float their boat so much. It's pretty much the first time I've encountered this kind of gender stereotyping as an issue because so far I've had a typical boy's boy and a very typical girly girl, but it's something that I'm going to look out more for now. And hopefully my children won't feel the need to conform anymore.

We immediately put Mini straight - these boots are as much for girls as boys. We put Dollop straight too - and reassured her that anyone can wear whatever boots they like (as long as they fit OK). And ended up buying the boots. She wears them well.

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  1. I have a similar gripe about trainers. Girls seem to be pink or white with the odd blue or purple pair. Why there can't be more generic ones beats me!