Friday, 6 March 2015

Employing circus skills

We had some bad news this week. My 91 year old Nan had a fall and broke her hip. This resulted in (obviously) a hospital trip, and there she remains having undergone surgery to have her hip pinned (phew, not a replacement...she's been battling against knee replacements for years!), and is now recovering from the surgery, but also struggling with kidney problems. I'm worried, really worried about her :-(

We're off to visit her tonight, without children, who are off to the NC's parents after school today, and will be staying overnight. As much as they both want to see their Great-Nan, we don't think it's appropriate, and it's an hour's drive away, and visiting hours are quite late, and we don't even know if children are allowed on the ward.

Mini is struggling with this, and we're grateful he's been able to tell us. He wants to visit, but he's worried about seeing all the other poorly people so he's glad he's not coming. He wants to have a sleepover at his Nanna and Grandad's, but he's going to miss us. He wants to take lots of things, but if he takes too much then it will mean (to him) he'll be staying there a long time. He wants to stay a while and have fun, but he wants to be sure he's coming home again and that we're not leaving him there.
Phew - that's quite a lot of worries and thoughts isn't it...especially for an 8 year old little head to think about.

So whilst the children are at school, I'm packing enough things to keep them occupied, but not too much...enough spares in case of anxiety induced accidents, but not too many to cause excess anxiety about staying too long.

A balancing act if ever there was one...


  1. Aw its all about balancing acts isnt it with children and hospitals can be a scary place for children x Remember to take time out for you x

  2. So tricky, that do I or don't I take my child to the hospital thing. But sounds like you're very good at tight-rope walking.

    Really hope your nan is okay.