Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Diet changes and noodle soup

As some of you might have recently noticed from my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook feeds, I've changed my diet. At the start of this year, I became suspicious about whether I might be becoming intolerant to milk/dairy. So about 2 months ago now, I cut out all milk products completely. After a bit of trial and error for a month or so before that, I discovered that cow's milk products were a definite a no-no, but I was able tolerate goats milk, and also sheeps milk products.

Within weeks, the weight started to slip off, and the horrific stomach problems almost completely stopped. However, I still continued to have a few aches, wind and upset stomach, so after checking through my food diary I realised that wheat or gluten might also be a problem. So, I completely stopped my intake of those too. Again, a bit more trial and error suggests that it's wheat, rather than gluten that's the problem, although I'm having a very low gluten diet anyways.

So, now I've been about 2months milk-free (that's milk, butter, cream, whey and lactose), and about 1 month wheat/gluten free and haven't felt this good for a long time. I'm now a stone lighter and have realised that the bloating feeling that I've had for years wasn't normal and has now gone.

It's not easy I'll tell you but it's making me more adventurous, and since discovering Ella Woodward's 'Deliciously Ella' book and blog, raw food is proving a great basis for my diet.

Last night, after a long busy day, I needed to put together a quick dinner, and I want to share with you a meal that was filling, fresh, healthy, vegan, wheat, gluten and dairy free! And yes, it still tasted good!

Noodle Soup - totally delicious, plenty for 2 (plus seconds) and containing 4 portions of vegetable too:

Stir two vegetable stock pots into 1.2litres of boiling water in a large saucepan.
Throw in 6 sliced mushrooms, and let come to the boil again.
Add in about 10 baby corns, each chopped in half, and half a head of broccoli, divided into small florets. Also add 1/3 pack of King Soba Sweet Potato and Buckwheat Noodles.
Boil for 4-5 minutes, then add in about 12-14 mange tout, each cut in half.
Boil for a further 2 minutes, then serve.
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Simples. Took ten minutes maximum and even the husband was left feeling full :-) If you try it, let me know what you think?


  1. "filling, fresh, healthy, vegan, wheat, gluten and dairy free! And yes, it still tasted good!" not something I would often believe, but it looks delicious. May have to give it a go and find out for myself.

  2. sorry to hear you have been having problems, but great that you have identified the cause. Takes a strong person to make lifestyle changes like these and then stick with them - good for you. x

  3. I am glad you enjoyed that because I'm basically dying a little inside just looking at it! Glad to hear that your diet changes are having such a positive effect for you though :-)

  4. That does look yummy and quick and easy too. I agree with Pink Diamonds, hates of to you for making such a huge change but hopefully you will fell so much better. Thanks for sharing on #WASO