Monday, 2 February 2015

What's working at the moment

Things have been so up and down recently, and I'm still struggling with problems with my wrist, so typing isn't always easy but here I am...

Mini had a new teacher at the start of the year - his previous teacher for this year was covering maternity leave, so in fact the new teacher is returning after having a baby. Mini however, hadn't met her before so was - understandably - anxious. She's only come back 4 days a week, so he has another teacher too. Yes...another job share class. His third set of job share teachers since he started school.
Now, regular readers will know that previously Mini has struggled with multiple teachers, however, we're really pleased that he seems happy with his new teachers and is coming home more enthused than ever about education.
Today he's (well, Dollop too actually) had a visiting theatre company in school and has talked lots about it since coming home. And he got his homework book out and is working on his maths as I type - without us asking/prompting him, and 3 days before it's due in!

The down days are still there. Since his birthday at the beginning of the year, Mini has been hard work at times but we're finding strategies to help...

We're definitely having lots more of it. Mini's maturing and his sense of humour is developing. He is hilarious and he gets our jokes...most of the time. We can take the mickey out of each other and he is much less sensitive than ever before.
I can't drive and although it makes me feel pretty useless - I can't even do the school run, I am finding that I'm much less stressed. Less stress means I can enjoy myself more.

I've written about cooking before, and shared a few recipes too. Mini is really getting into cooking, loves being in the kitchen and is more adventurous with his meals too. We've recently made all sorts of dishes as I'm coming to terms with a milk-free diet. Mini is relishing this and becoming thoughtful about what mummy can and can't have. We've bought some new recipe books and I've caught him poring over them deciding what looks good.

Guinea PigsWe had some new, unexpected recent additions. So we currently have a litter of guinea pigs and their mum in a large cage in our living room. Mini is so caring - he helps feed them, clean them out and loves giving them cuddles. He is gentle with them and talks to them in a beautiful sing song voice that makes my heart melt.
I know that things change and we have to have new tools to use all the time, but for now, I'm really pleased and feeling much more confident in my parenting, knowing what works.

Oh, and I'm super proud to say that last week, Mini got 'Star of the Week' for his class - and for especially good listening and helping his classmates *grins*.

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