Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A bad day

I'm having a bad day today. I woke up feeling sick, with a headache and awful ear/jaw/face ache that I've been having for 2 months now. Medication isn't working, so I have other appointments to attend now.
And I feel like my anti-depressants are no longer helping, especially since doubling the dose.
I know they're not a magic cure; and indeed the nickname 'Happy Pills' really isn't right, because - certainly in my case - they don't make me happy, they just take the edge off. But they're not even doing that at the moment, and in all honesty, life isn't too bad right now. I hate to think how I'll feel if we start facing the same challenges that we've had before. However, I'm in the hands of a professional, and she - the doctor - wants me to stay with them a little longer before we try something different.

So for now, I'm coping one day at a time, but on bad days, I really miss the edge-softening properties of those pills that had started to help and make me feel closer to being on top of things.

Those bad days, like today, thankfully aren't too frequent, but that just means that when they do hit, they hit harder.

I won't go in to the ins and outs of why it's been a bad day. Suffice to say that I'm grateful that the kids are in bed, I'm grateful that Papa Johns has a delivery service, and I'm glad that the NC can help me in the morning!


  1. Sorry to hear how you're feeling. As you know I'm with you to a certain extent at the moment. I hope your GP is able to find a way to help you feel more balanced. Have you tried acupuncture for you physical pain in your jaw etc? It might help. Sending a big hug and hoping today is better. I think there was something in the air yesterday as I was at my wits end (hence the oat play I did with the children after dinner). It thankfully calmed them down a bit. Take care of yourself. It will pass, you probably need a bit more medication tweaking. Can you up your dose for a while? Lots of love xx