Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Things We Do: Plan school holidays

With Easter holidays fast approaching, I wanted to share something that I do that makes our school holidays slightly easier.
It's not a magic wonder cure for all of Mini's issues. It doesn't stop the meltdowns. But, it helps me feel in control and when I feel in control then I can manage the meltdowns and other issues a little better. Especially at the moment, when I'm feeling particularly low.

Apologies to my regular readers, many of you will have read about my planning tendencies before - but for those of you new to The Boy's Behaviour...

I plan. I draw up a timetable for the entire holiday period, with morning and afternoon slots for each day. And I try to plan something in for each slot - sometimes that's a whole morning's activity, sometimes it's just an hour's craft, maybe even a ten minute puzzle together. I believe that my children need some time to use their own imagination and play without me leading that activity, so I don't fill every single minute with stuff, but I'm there all the time so that if they want me in their play, I can be.
This time I've started by drawing up a list of things that we'd like to do, including things that we already have booked - a circus skills workshop and a story telling session at one of the local theatres. Now I'll look at slotting them into a plan. Nothing (bar the events I've booked) is set in stone, and we can change them depending on the weather, other plans that might come up, illness, mood etc.

I have been known to make up proper packs, with instructions and everything needed for a certain activity - science experiments, crafts, recipes. I made them all in one go, so when it came to the holidays, I could just pull out an activity with very little preparation.

Anal - possibly. Control freakish - almost certainly. Essential to my sanity - abso-bloody-lutely!

If you're interested, I have Pinterest boards set up and regularly add to them when I find things my kids might like:
Kids games and activities
Kids crafts
Kids cooking
And lots of other things I think my kids might like...

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