Monday, 3 February 2014

The things we do: A softer space

Until quite recently we had one of those coir type kept our feet warm from the cold laminate floor during the winters, and was softer to sit on too, but it was never cosy, and after a few years it got worn. Helped to it's death by little fingers pulling holes in it during destructive tantrums.

Our new rug is lovely and soft, and feels nice under our toes

It's great for sleeping (sheltered by umbrellas of course)...

Somewhere soft to sit at snack time...

Lovely to lay on and rest...

or chill out...

A nice place to sit and do homework

Somewhere comfy to sit and watch tv

Our rug was chosen because it was soft, and in a house where we only have laminate flooring, wooden boards or tiles, softness underfoot was essential. It finishes the room off; it is a safer space for Baby Whizz to play; it covers up the nasty laminate we inherited when we moved in.
But our rug has unexpectedly become more than just a rug, it is a place for activities, cuddles, picnics and playtime. And it's fluffiness is providing a wonderful sensory experience for Mini, who is now rather picky about where he throws himself during a tantrum. The warmth and soft pile comforts and soothes him, the feathery strands stroke his face. We lay together like spoons on a carpet of woollen froth - warmth below and all around him.
The more I understand Mini, the more I understand how simple pleasures and simple measures can make the world of difference to him, and to us as a family.

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