Thursday, 13 February 2014

5 things I'm feeling good about

I've been quite up and down recently and I think that's been reflected in my blog posts on here.
So today, I'm trying to concentrate on good things...

1. At Mini's parents evening last night, they were full of praise for how well he's settled in, made friends and has got stuck into school life. Feeling very proud.

2. Mini's school have (without me asking) set up an IEP for him, concentrating on 3 areas. They did this, then sought our permission to share it with Mini and to implement it. This is amazing after all the troubles at old school even getting an IEP, let alone sharing it, updating it and Mini never even knew about it.

3. I have been following a Slimming World diet for about 3 weeks now, and I'm feeling less tired and have definitely lost weight. (I'm missing crème eggs but I don't mind too much).

4. Mini has done some extra school work at home - he made a booklet about hats, then designed and made hats to glue onto some family photos. This is as part of their fashion/design project but was completely voluntary - he asked to do it. He managed to sit down and work with me without getting frustrated or bored, and even asked for help when he needed it.

5. The NC and I are going to a gig this weekend. The kids are going to their grandparents for a sleep over - their first together, and Dollop's first ever. I'm nervous, but looking forward to going out and having some time for us.

So that's some positivity to keep me going for a few days. If I get flowers (hint, hint) tomorrow, then maybe the positivity will last a week or two.


  1. Loving the positive vibe! You've inspired me to think of my own 5 good things today. Thanks

  2. I'm so please that Mini is doing so well in his new school and that they are obviously really thinking about how best to support him. Love the idea of finding things to feel good about, some days it's easier than others but usually there is a little something, somewhere. x