Monday, 20 January 2014

The Things We Do: Movie Monday

It's Monday. For me that means several things:
  1. It's the start of a new week, and with that comes a sense of 'right, let's start again, and try and improve on last week.'
  2. A new 'The Things We Do' linky has started on The Adoption Social.
  3. I'm likely to have trouble getting Mini to school as he re-adjusts back to the routine of getting up and out.
  4. It's Movie Monday.
Today I'm writing about the bottom 2, so I can link up with the second one!

I was going to write about how difficult it is to get Mini to school on Mondays, but actually that's not fair. Today is only his second Monday, and we've had no real issues (yet a very quiet "I don't want to go" today that passed quickly with the distraction of breakfast). Time will tell whether Mondays continue in this way, but I'm tentatively hopeful that this new school will provide less anxiety than the old one.

However, despite the positivity so far, I'm going to continue with something that we've done for a long time to help ease Mondays a little bit, because Mondays at the old school were awful. And that's where number 4 comes in. Movie Monday happens most weeks during term time and always during the holidays.

Sometimes I pick a movie I think they'll like. Sometimes I let the children choose (but they have to be in agreement). Sometimes I'll draw up a 'Now Showing' poster so they see it in the morning. There is nearly always popcorn involved, sometimes with hidden jelly sweets or mini marshmallows near the bottom, and often milkshakes or hot chocolate. Both Mini and Dollop know that every Monday they watch a film and it's time to be calm, after the stress of the day. And even if the morning is horrific, I can promise that we'll have movie time later and it's something to look forward to. Mini loves this time and particularly enjoys fantasy-type films where he can use his imagination and escape, but he's not fussy and has an amazing memory when it comes to the details he sees in films.

On other days we have other ways of coping (or not!), but Movie Monday is sacred and definitely does the job it's supposed your children like watching movies to chill out? What are your favourite family films to watch? Are there any films you have to avoid because of the subject matter?


  1. I love this idea! My friend does film night on Wednesdays and it's a lovely family time for them all. As soon as OB is even remotely capable of sitting through a whole film we'll be doing it too :-)

    1. It's so worth doing. Having said that yesterday it backfired a little bit - Dollop started a new pre-school and did her first long day too, she was so shattered that when I put a movie on, she dropped off to sleep! But it's a nice wind down after what can sometimes be a rather stressful day.

  2. Brilliant idea. I might introduce this on a Friday. If popcorn is involved, Missy will definitely love it. What other films have you watched? I'm still now sure what is appropriate for Missy.

    1. Oh, all sorts here. Mini isn't upset, triggered or bothered by adoption/loss themes, so we don't have to think about that too much. At home he'll watch pretty much any Disney movie (except Brave), he loves things like The Secret of Moonacre and The Race to Witch Mountain, Despicable Me (1&2), all the Shrek movies, Cars, Ratatouille, How to train your dragon, Epic...the list goes on.