Sunday, 5 January 2014

Take me to the beach

There's a new linky on The Adoption Social starting tomorrow called The Things We Do. It's a place for bloggers to link up and share anything they do that makes a difference, helps their children, helps themselves, makes life a little bit more comfortable or easy. It can be little things, or big things, but by sharing what we do, perhaps someone else can find an idea to help them...

So I wanted to share this with you:

and it comes with a soundtrack too...
It's no secret, and many parents do this, but it's one of the things we do often when Mini's beginning to struggle - usually identified by increasing stroppy moments, crossness and a lack of patience towards everyone and everything or even in the throes of meltdown.

We head to the seaside. And I've blogged lots about our times at the seaside.
We make memories there, we nurture there.

Open space is good - but the park doesn't cut it. The park has a playground where there are too many things to choose from, and Mini gets frustrated when he can't go on something straight away.

The seaside is better, if we want to feel safe and cocooned we go onto one of the very quiet beach areas, protected each side by a big rocky groyne, green with fresh wet seaweed, with the high sea wall at the back providing a sheltered space to sit and picnic even when the wind is blowing, and the gentle lapping waves/crashing foamy surf at the foot of the beach (delete according to the weather!). Here the children can shout, run, splash, build sandcastles, rage, play, dig - whatever they want. And on a practical note, the car park and toilet is just a short walk away, but there are no arcades or amusements nearby - the pier is a good 20minute walk at least.

If we need space and freedom, then we could spend hours walking/scooting/running up and down the long long prom. Right from our deserted beach, past the beach huts, up past the arcades, past the little beachside café with the horrid chips but passable hot chocolate, past the pier, past the leisure centre and ice cream shop, past more beach huts, right down to the other quieter beach end where the kite enthusiasts hope to catch some good air.

Yes, the beach with it's fresh air and it's comforting smells, sights and sounds calms us all, even if it's just a temporary break until we come home and it all starts again.

The Things We Do


  1. We go to the beach mid meltdown for some 'ultra' distraction. I just walk, often with Flossy behind shouting abuse at me. Our record is 9 miles in a day. At the very least it makes me feel better, we have very remote beaches up our way. Also, the shouting doesn't seem so loud.
    It always ends well, with us both enjoying it.

  2. We were on the beach whilst at my dad's over Christmas and the boys played for hours on the sand, it was wonderful. I really wish we had a beach close by but instead we make do with the hills.

  3. Sounds perfect! We are an hour's drive away from the nearest beach sadly, and in a fairly urban area. And I'm not a very outdoorsy person, although I am trying!! We do burn off steam by simply going round the block on his balance bike, and thankfully we have some excellent and large parks nearby. OB has no problem choosing between the equipment - it's only the swing for him!

  4. I love the beach, it's where things end (land) and things begin (sea). Its an amazing place to reflect, stretch your eyes and feel peace.
    Sadly we live hours away from the nearest one.