Sunday, 12 January 2014

Sponsored post - Could you live without the internet?

The internet keeps me sane. Had you realised that?
This blog keeps me sane...well, not all the time, but I know it's always somewhere that I can share my feelings and worries.

For some adoptive parents the internet can be a scary place - there are so many social media sites now that we have to consider the identity risks to our children. Some sites have made it easier for our children to connect with their birth families - and whilst for some this is positive, for many this direct contact can be difficult and lead to unmanaged, unsafe relationships developing.

However, for many adoptive parents, the internet can provide support that is just non-existent in any other way. Anonymity helps with being able to share information that you wouldn't in a face to face situation; message boards and forums provide a place to meet other parents when you could be feeling very isolated at home; blogs and websites that share other's lives and stories can provide that feeling of community - knowing that someone else is going through the same as you. Then think about all the parenting websites and blogs and you know you can look for different approaches to try at home too.

Sarah (from The Puffin Diaries) and I set up The Adoption Social back in June last year to encourage the use of social media and online tools for support and we've been overwhelmed with the amount of support that our users give us and each other. We've met (virtually and in real life) many other adopters that we just couldn't have if the internet hadn't existed. Indeed, Sarah and I 'met' online through blogging and tweeting, and have since met in real life too.

In a much broader way, the internet has supported me through some parts of parenting that I've found difficult and where I've lacked confidence as a mum. Through various parenting sites I've learnt about different weaning methods, potty training and products to support me; I've researched parenting styles, buggies and baby slings; and I've even applied for both Mini and Dollop's school places online. Everyday I access my email, every week I do my grocery shop online, and I use it to connect with friends and family often.

Without the internet where would I be? Well, I can tell you that when my neighbour accidentally cut through the cables for our phone and broadband I was lost. Even with a mobile with a data allowance! Now, we've switched provider and it's not likely that those cables will get cut again...phew!
I really do believe the internet has an important role in my life, and that of many other mums so when I was approached to write this sponsored post, I was more than happy to. Especially as it's for Virgin Media's broadband service - our own service provider. And we've never had a problem at all with our 60mb super fast service.

Do you rely on the internet? Do you think you could live without it? I tried to imagine life without it now - and, well, I couldn't!

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