Friday, 31 January 2014

Dirty trousers

It's been a while since I've written properly and it's just because we've had so much on!

Mini seems to have settled really well into his new school. It's only been 3 weeks or so, but several other mums said it seems like he's been there forever as he's just so happy and calm. He knows his way around already, he seems to be liked by everyone in his class and will play with anyone. He's had a bit of teasing a few times mostly because he likes a different football team, but nothing he couldn't handle with a bit of support from us. He has jobs and responsibilities already, he started guitar lessons once a week, he's been to his first party, and...very importantly his trousers need washing every single day - only this time it's not through wetting, it's because they're covered in mud from him joining in and playing with the, hide and seek, it, star wars, or secret agents!

School itself is good. We're lucky that they employ a part time parent liaison/support worker and I've already had a meeting with her. The only thing we're still waiting on is a name next to his peg...such a small thing but Mini has noticed that his peg is different and we feel that the addition of a sticker with his name on will make him feel part of the class and properly settled.

We have been told that siblings get priority over catchment, and are hopeful that this means Dollop will get a place at the same school as she starts reception in September. And because of this, we've moved her to the pre-school next door to school. And because of the way they work they're able to offer her 2.5 full days, rather than 5 mornings. It seems quite soon for her to be doing full days, but it's good practise ready for school, it means I get full days at home with her too, and it means less school runs (which is good because I'm now having to drive to school, so the less of that the better). Dollop doesn't have bad table manners, but eating with her friends will help those improve too.

The NC and I have been busy too - we had a meal out without children last weekend which was strange, and I think will take us a while to get used to. But we've also booked tickets for a gig in a few weeks time, which will mean an over-nighter for the children at nanna and granddad's, and are looking forward to a night out.
We're also carrying on with our Attachment Focused Counselling, and I am also having my own individual counselling - only 8 or so sessions, but I think it will help me.

So that's us. There's lots more I could write about - the voices in Mini's head, the re-referral to CAMHS, the developing emotional maturity, how happy Mini is at Beavers, but we'll save all that for another day...


  1. Glad things are more positive and you and the NC are taking time out for yourselves.

  2. Loved loved loved reading this! :)