Sunday, 22 December 2013

Time to be together

As you might have read, we take part in the whole Elf on the Shelf 'thing'. One of the great things about our elves is that they often leave activities for Mini and Dollop, and sometimes those activities need some supervision, and others are just fun to do together. So, here's was Saturday afternoon's activity...

Mini's amazing snowy chalet

Dollop's sweetie covered house

The NC helped Dollop, and I 'helped' Mini...turns out he's pretty good with a piping bag. Oh, and after all that fun, I 'decorated' Mini's face with the leftover icing - he looks quite cute with a moustache!

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  1. I saw Mary Berry make one of these on GBBO Christmas last night. Mini's and Dollop's are at least as good, and maybe even better - she didn't have marshmallows on hers! Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy eating them as much as it looks like you all enjoyed making them :)