Thursday, 19 December 2013

Our first family Christingle

Have I told you that Mini's now a Beaver? He joined earlier this year when we first considered moving schools as a way of creating and maintaining a group of friends that would still be there when he had to say bye to old school friends, and perhaps before he'd established a new group of friends. And not only that, Mini wanted to do something outside of school - the choice was trampolining club or Beavers...
This weekend was the Beaver's district Christingle service, with 4 Beavers units attending. Not only was it the first time the children had ever attended a church service, but it was my first Christingle too. The vicar was great, the service didn't last too long, and it was beautiful when they turned the lights out....

I'm linking this up to #MemoryBox over on The Adoption Social.

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