Thursday, 12 December 2013

Last days at school

Mini is leaving his school this week. Next week he starts having transition sessions at his new school. He's nervous, I'm nervous but we're talking about it, and listening to his feelings and empathising with him and he also seems quietly excited too. We're certainly not seeing the wetting that's our normal anxiety indicator.

I really feel for Mini at the moment. Moving school is scary. But he's asking lots of questions and we're doing our best to find the answers for him. I was able to share that I was also leaving behind the mum friends that I'd made in the playground, and that I wouldn't know any of the mums at the new school - so I knew how he felt about leaving his friends and making new ones. I reminded him that he still has his Beaver friends, and we made a pact that I'd try to chat to some of the new mums, and he'd try to talk to some new classmates and we'd chat about who seems nice and not! It might not be the 'right' way to do things, but it made him feel happier.

Mini's also missing out on his school play which is happening next week - he is disappointed, but we'd always felt that doing it 3 days in a row would be too much anyway, and this way he doesn't have to go back and forth between schools for transition sessions.

Poor little guy also missed out on his school disco this week. It's traditionally been a Year 2 privilege, and it's always been free. But this year it was opened up to Year 1 as well, and there was a charge for tickets. 3 days after the invitation, Mini was going to take his money in, but all the tickets had been sold. Again, he was disappointed, but luckily has his Beavers disco and party tonight.

And school is still stressing him out - yesterday he came out telling me that they were doing a special showing of the school play today and the Head teacher had told them photos would be taken. He knows he's not allowed in any school photos and was highly stressed at the very thought of it. Unfortunately the teacher who was covering his class yesterday afternoon knew nothing of it, nor did the TA, so to appease and calm him I had to send a note in today making it clear he wasn't to be included in photos.

So his last day at school is tomorrow, which also happens to be 'Wear a Christmas jumper' day AND the school Christmas fayre. It's going to be mayhem, but hopefully good mayhem, and we can look forward instead of fearful dread every day.


  1. Oh I really hope everything goes well at the new school for you all!

  2. Hope the last day went ok. Poor Mini, so much anxiety for him at the moment, and for you to support him with. It does sound like you are doing a great job of reassuring him and of what I know of Mini, he's doing so well to be asking questions and letting you know his anxieties. Wishing him and you all the best in his school move. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah. His last day went fine. I'm not sure the finality of it all has kicked in yet, but we're all looking forward not back :-)