Thursday, 7 November 2013

Kids crafts - Slipper Socks

Over the Summer holidays I wrote a few posts sharing some of the crafts and activities the kids and I had done together - there were Dirt Cup Puddings, our Rice Maze/Story Maker, Bean Bag target toss and Melted Bead Bowls. These posts went down really well, and we really enjoyed both making them, and photographing them for blog posts.

So since then, we've carried on doing some activities and crafts, and today I'd like to share a favourite of the children - homemade non slip socks. So we all remember those Totes Toasties you used to get right? I'm not sure if they're still available but I recall receiving them as Christmas presents when I was young.
In our house we have no carpet at all - a rug on part of our living/dining room laminate flooring, tiles in the kitchen and bathroom, laminate again in our bedroom, and floorboards in the children's room, landing and stairs. As you can imagine, it's pretty slippery especially when the kids are charging around. Slippers just don't stay on but socks are a different story. These could make lovely gifts too...

Slipper Socks

You will need:
Socks to fit your children
Fabric 3D paint/puffy paint in a variety of colours (available from craft stores/online)

Lay all the socks out in pairs.
Let your children go mad with the 3D paint - making sure they draw/write on the bottom part of the sock.

Allow the socks to dry - at least 24 hours to dry properly. Depending on how much paint your child has heaped on, they might take an additional 24 hours.

Wear around the house and revel in the non-slipperiness. Wash in the machine at 40degrees or less.

Mini and Dollop had 5 pairs of socks each, which in retrospect was too many. Just a couple of pairs each would have been fine. I encouraged Mini and Dollop to both draw their designs out first on paper, but in reality it was difficult for them to copy them onto such a small area, with the fine nozzle of the paint. So perhaps just let your child go freestyle...

Beware: when you lay out brand new socks it's not easy to see and draw just on the sole, because of the way they're pressed and packed you'll see the sides of the sole. This is what we decorated and it worked out just fine.


  1. What a great idea! Thanks for an informative article. I haven't had to worry about kids Christmas presents for a while - my kids are all grown. But in saying that, my first grandchild arrived this year, so my interest has been re-ignited.

  2. That's great! It would never have occurred to me to use 3D paint this way! We have carpet right now but I'm planning to replace all the downstairs carpet with laminate as soon as finance allows (far too many spilled food and errant wee wee incidents!) - these will be great when we do :)