Monday, 7 October 2013

Caching and Conkers

Autumn is my favourite season - the changing colours of the trees, and that beautiful red of Virginia creeper that turns so quickly, the cooler days and excuses for hot chocolate after school. I look forward to Pumpkin Spice Lattes, fluffy slippers, open fires, wearing scarves and getting my lovely boots out.

Mini and Dollop enjoy it too – they look forward to jumping in leaves, buying new woolly hats, thinking about their Hallowe’en costumes, and going for long walks to find geocaches.

Yes, we’re a geocaching family. Have you heard of it? No? Well, there’s more information here but basically it's an outside treasure hunt with containers (caches) hidden in all sorts of places. You use a GPS unit/app on your phone to find the caches - some you just write in, then log online, others have small swaps in. I like it because it gives me a destination - something to head for when I'm out walking and I enjoy solving some of the puzzle caches, the kids love it because they sometimes get new treasures and they enjoy poking around in all sorts of places to find a cache, and the NC loves it because it's outdoorsy and geeky all at the same time! We've got the NC's family converted too - even his Uncle and Aunt in Australia are very much into it now.
As a newbie you can just look for caches, but when you get into it, you can hide your own too and between us we own several now, even Mini has his own special one hidden!


So, last weekend with many things in mind – hiding a new geocache, finding another, checking out dog walking facilities, bug hunting and just getting out, we went for a walk around our favourite local woods.

The kids were armed with their bug hunting kit, the NC was armed with his geocache ready to hide, I had my trusty camera and a stash of Barny Bears for cute, filling sustenance.

With the cooling weather we had trouble finding many bugs…just a few spiders and a large number of woodlice but the kids were thrilled to find something much better…



And after the thrill of the conkers came tree climbing! In fact, we had a really positive moment with Mini. After climbing a tree - the biggest he’d ever managed - he didn’t panic (like normal) but asked for help and then trusted the NC to get him down safely. Yay Mini! This is a really big thing for us as a family and was a big confidence boost for Mini.

So on with our walk and it was time for a break (and a Barny bear). Whilst Daddy carried on looking for that other cache, Mini and Dollop ate their Barny’s. I may have snuck one too. To be honest, they’re the perfect size for me and the children…

Then back home with our haul of conkers. The kids are already asking when we can go again and I know Mini's looking forward to a bit more tree climbing!

"This post is an entry for BritMums ‘Little Adventures Challenge’ in partnership with Barny, the bear-shaped snack providing a little discovery in every bite. Find out more about Barny here"


  1. Brilliant! Looks like you had a really successful trip, always worth treasuring.

    I'm a geocaching newbie. Got the app but not done any yet, I might just give it a go.

    1. Oh do give it a go Annie. We really do love it, and it's a great excuse to get out and find new places :-)

  2. Ooooh, did a bit of geocaching years and years ago and had forgotten all about it until I read your post! Definitely something to try with OB :)

  3. Great post and really evokes the joys of the season. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.