Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The best bits of our Summer #MemoryBox

This week Mini goes back to school as a Year 2 boy, and Dollop starts pre-school doing 5 days a week part-time. I'm anxious and excited - anxious because Mini is already struggling with being back at school and he's not even there yet, and because my baby is growing up and this is the start of her independence (and the end of me being needed 24/7).
I'm excited because Dollop is ready for pre-school. She is looking forward to making friends and I'm looking forward to see how this new adventure impacts on her character. I'm also excited for Mini, because although he dislikes school, and is unsettled by it, he is generally a sociable boy and enjoys the time with his friends.
And there's the obvious change to my own day too - 3 hours of time to myself...with which to clean, do laundry, shop but most importantly...write.

So with this last #MemoryBox before the return to school, I'm remembering the lovely Summer break we've had, as I'm sure next week the focus will be on something entirely different and I fear the memories of Summer will have faded...
There are so many memories and great moments (I'll tell you about the not so great another time), here's just a selection:

Visits to...the zoo, the beach (several times), the farm shop, a theme park, Legoland, nanna and grandad, the park, town to go shopping, a large football ground for special footy training, the strawberry fields to pick our own fruit (rather a lot!)

We've made...melty bead bowls, bracelets, pictures, chocolate dirt cups, a rice maze and story maker, mosaic pictures, Tie dye t-shirts, tents, cakes, plaster of paris handprints

We've played... Lego, beanbag toss, on the trampoline, Jenga, Scrabble, puzzles, shopkeepers, librarians, with the water table, video games on the tablet, outside with chalks, lots of made-up games

Mini and Dollop have had firsts...night in a hotel, turn on a rollercoaster, theme park ride by himself, let a caterpillar crawl up his arm, held a sea urchin

And between us we've...had leg plaster removed, been given the all clear for Epilepsy, been geocaching, had Nanny to visit, and Great Nanny, Great Aunty and Uncle and a young cousin, been to a 90th birthday party for another Great Nanny, played with cousin baby Whizz, managed to have pleasant meals out, been to several other birthday parties, shopped, baked, read, cried, laughed

Our best Summer yet...


  1. Looks like it has been a fun packed holiday. Glad you have enjoyed most of it and I'm sure there will be many more to come. Rosey

  2. I feel exhausted just reading all that, think you might be resting the first few mornings you have free. What a great summer you've given them and all that positive time for Mini will have been brilliant for the bond between you both. Hope the return to school is as calm for you both as it possibly can be. xx

  3. fabulous list and photos - hope it all goes well this week with the start of school again and nursery xx

  4. Sounds great!! You've done some fun and creative things together, hopefully all this will go down in your family's collective history. I am intrigued by geocaching, sounds right up my street but I think that Squiblet might be a bit little at the minute, although she does like a good stomp about and a 'find'! Glad to share some of your good times x

  5. What a load of fun! I am sure they will treasure the memories for a lifetime.