Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Snacktime! #My99pSummer

It's really important to both me and my children that we have regular snack time. Me to keep my sugar levels (and hopefully diabetes) in check, Mini to maintain a routine, keep his energy levels topped up and stop him from starving (which he assures me he does on a regular basis) and Dollop, to keep her energy going too and stop her copying her brother's tendencies to starve.

However, if the kids had their way, the snacks would be a kilo of jelly sweets every day, washed down with a pint of chocolate thickshake, preferably from a well-known takeaway place.

So we're compromising. This Summer we received some vouchers to spend at 99p Stores to help us have a fantastic summer. I let Mini choose half the items - it's his Summer holiday after all. As well as some toys, Mini picked up a tin of Luxury Chocolate Straws - you know the wafers filled with chocolate cream that often accompany a bowl of icecream. Mini and I both LOVE these, but don't buy them that often, so he felt they'd be a perfect Summer snacktime treat. (and we get the tin after for crafting with or storing Lego men in!).

With my half of thevouchers I bought various craft bits and toys (more about those in another post) and a packet of Dr. Moo's quick milk magic sippers - the chocolate flavour ones. If you haven't heard of these before, they're plastic straws filled with chocolate flavoured beads. As you suck milk up through them, it turns chocolatey. I could have picked juice, I could have picked squash, in fact we did get a pack of Apple and Blackcurrant drink pouches for picnics, but I got these magic sippers to make sure the children drink some milk every now and then.

In case you think I give in and allow my children chocolate for all their snacks, I'll add that along with just one chocolate wafer straw each, they had a handful of sultanas, a couple of dried apricots and a few cashew nuts. So that was the compromise - chocolate straws but only if accompanied by fruit and nuts! And a lovely cold cup of milk, disguised as chocolate milkshake.

So today's snacks are provided courtesy of 99p Stores, and very nice they are too - I had to 'test' the chocolate straws didn't I? And given the Magic Sippers have 30% extra free, I might pinch one of those to go with a glass of milk too!

What do you give your children for snacks? Are you completely healthy? Or do they get treats every now and then?


  1. I'm lucky that OB loves fruit so he has that for nearly every snack - I'm not claiming any credit as such healthy foods very rarely get past my lips! He's also a big fan of choc chip brioche :)

  2. Great post! My boys love the 99p store and try their hardest to persuade me to buy all sorts of naughty food. But they love fruits too, so have been encouraging a lot healthier options past their lips this summer - and it works! :-)

    Leyla - www.motherhooddiaries.com