Thursday, 8 August 2013


Yesterday we took the kids to a theme park for the first time ever. Not one of the big ones, they're not old enough for the likes of Alton Towers yet, but a smaller one aimed specifically at children. All the rides therefore are reasonably tame, but thrilling enough for children.

This was the first of our big days out - big in terms of a reasonable chunk of money, a whole day, a long drive there and back and big excitement about something different. The NC took the day off work. We didn't decide what we were doing til the night before, so hadn't told the children before hand, only once they woke up and we got ready to leave. We had a quick look at the park map online before we left so Mini had an idea of what to expect, and had already decided on some rides he wanted to go on.

A couple of hours or so later we were there.

"Woh" said Mini.

"Yay" said Dollop.

And off we went to explore.

Despite the Summer Holiday, the park was very quiet. We waited no longer than 10 minutes for any ride, most were 2-3 minutes.

Mini, my 'usually fearful of anything out of his comfort zone' little man was suddenly overcome with bravado and wanted to go on the rollercoaster. So off we trooped. Dollop and I sat and watched, with camera poised. (Dollop was thrilled to see a frog hopping around whilst we waited!)

"That was REALLY fast" an exhilarated Mini declared afterwards. "I'm not doing it again".

A couple of hours, 2 other rollercoasters (one in the dark) and lots of other rides later - he changed his tune... "Next time I'm going on that Roller Coaster again!"

And Dollop? Well she's a proper little thrill seeker anyway, and LOVED the rides. Her favourite was also a rollercoaster...the one in the dark.

All in all we had a GREAT day. Mini was a little on the quiet and reserved side, but this was something and somewhere he'd never been. It was different. He'll have been feeling adrenalin rushes and then down times, as well as nervousness, anxiety, excitement and a whole load of other things too. But they were both impeccably behaved and I was incredibly proud of them. And despite a few odd reservations at certain rides, they both conquered those reservations and went for it!

Mini was very clingy and nervous once we'd got home, so we took the opportunity to do lots of reassurance and reminding that we'd all had a lovely day, but had come home TOGETHER. He wouldn't settle in bed though, so he and I cuddled up on the sofa and he dropped off to sleep (after several hours) in my arms. And I'm so pleased that he wanted to cuddle up, where he felt safe and secure.

Two lovely memories - the looks on my children's faces as they experienced the thrill of the rides, and my son sleeping safely in my arms.


  1. aww how lovely - and how lovely that he fell asleep in your arms at the end of such a fun day - sounds like the thrill of the roller coaster rides is the way to go! lovely family day out it sounds like. long live the happy memories!

    1. It was a lovely family day out...we've not had one in such a lot time, partly because we've been so worried about how Mini would react. Now we'll have more confidence for the next one...LEGOLAND in a few weeks time!

  2. Aww...Looks and sounds like you had a fab day out!

  3. awww this sounds fantastic .. it sounds like they will be on your case to go again!!

  4. How lovely, it sounds like you all had a fabulous day :). Thanks for linking to PoCoLo x

  5. How great that you went for it and you weren't disappointed - sounds like a lovely day all round :)

  6. It sounds great, we love rollercoasters.