Monday, 1 July 2013

Transitions and teachers

We just found out last week about Mini's teachers for next year. Yes, that s on the end of teacher is supposed to be there. Teachers. Plural.

After all the 'fun' of the last 2 years with frequent staff changes/substitutions, they decided to move Mini's class to the job share class. Job share as in 2 teachers. That's 2.5 days with one teacher, and 2.5 days with the other. 2 teachers. 2!

Though we've made the decision to move Mini, we can't get him in for September, the best schools are full with waiting lists, which within a week or two Mini will be on too. We hope he'll be able to start Year 3 at a different school. This isn't *too* much of a problem because he'd be moving to a Junior School for Year 3 anyway, this will give us the opportunity to get him into a better school than his Infant school feeds into, which by all accounts is even worse than his current school!
So for now, unless a place miraculously becomes available in the next few weeks, or during Year 2, Mini is stuck with 2 teachers.

Fair play to his teacher, she informed me that because they've decided to keep the classes together (rather than mixing them up like last year) and she gave me the option of putting him in the job share class with all his current friends, or moving him to a different class with just one teacher but obviously pulling him out of his group of friends.
He has friends in all the classes, but he is most definitely closest with those he's spent the last year with. So I spoke to Mini. He, as you would expect, wants to stay with his friends and although I'm disappointed it means he has 2 teachers, and then every other week he'll have a cover teacher to cover planning time...I think it's the right decision. I know have two teachers to 'educate'. Great.

This week it's moving up day. The day itself is buffered by a school trip to a local farm and a non-uniform day, but Mini is resolute. He is NOT GOING TO SCHOOL ON MOVING UP DAY.

He is absolutely petrified.

We have the makings of a transition book, which can be added to after moving up day, which we're using at the moment. I've tried to explain that I think he'd feel better in September if he spends some time with his new teachers before then - he can see where he'll sit, hang his coat etc. But at the moment, he's still not interested.

He had a bit of a chat with the NC the other night and some of his worries came out (yay!!!!!), and I've already spoken to his current teacher about them. It would seem that some pressure is being applied to improve his handwriting...he gets his b's and d's mixed up, and his 2's and 5's. He's stressing about this rather a lot, and the thought of moving classes, going on holiday, getting a dog (maybe, possibly, just thoughts at the moment) and football club (2nd session today) is just too much. He's been reasonably calm and chilled over the weekend, but when thoughts turn to school, he visibly tenses.

We've been here before, but I'm not sure how to help him at the moment. Dave-the-therapist will say we need to keep talking about it - no use pretending it's not happening. Talking will help Mini get his worries out and we can then address them. But I hate seeing him so stressed about school...about anything, but particularly something that he HAS to do 5 days a week. Home-schooling is not an option by the way.

What sort of things have you found help when your child changes class/year at school?


  1. This is very much us at the moment, but without any input from Bonzo. First thing tomorrow, back for a chat with the teachers. Oh how they must love us!! Hope this week goes ok for Mini.

  2. I'll be interested to see what replies you have. Missy moves to Year 1 and I have no idea which way she'll swing - positive or negative - but would like some ideas ready if it all goes pants.

  3. Well! Big girl has had 2 teachers this year, a job share like mini will have. She's actually had a greatt year! I was worried about it like you, because she'd always had such a hard time at school. But honestly, they've been great with her. I think 1 teacher or 6 teachers it all comes down to what they're like, big girl could have had 2 teachers that were rubbish like the previous years, but, she struck gold, sadly because at our school her happiness seems to depend on the lottery of teachers, its impossible to know how she would (if we wasn't moving her) get on with next years teacher. The school has too many 'bad' tteacher for my liking making it too much of a lottery for my liking. Hope mini's teachers are as good as big girls were this year :) x

  4. I'm intrigued too as PJ is just about to embark on big school for reception year. Just a thought - I thought the clause for children being LAC and adopted is now in place for taking precedence? Is this not correct? might help move things a little quicker for you?