Monday, 1 July 2013

Sunny days and seaside trips

Today it's warm. The weekend has been warm. My sister in law has been here with Baby Whizz and we've talked about the seaside next week. It got me thinking about earlier in the year and in particular our trip to the seaside on New Year's Day. It was a nice, sunny, bright but brisk day, we wrapped up and Mini spent THE longest time throwing stones into the sea...

I'm linking this post up to #MemoryBox on The Adoption Social.
Memory Box


  1. I love that picture, being by the sea can be such a great day for everyone. Thanks for sharing on Memory Box.

  2. The seaside on New Years day just sounds like a great way to spend the start of a new year! :)

  3. thats such a lovely pic!
    (over from #pocolo - hi!)

  4. What a fabulous photo - even though you can't see his face, I bet he has the biggest smile :). Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo and sorry for the delay in commenting xx