Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Sports day worries

Yesterday Mini shared something with me. It's quite unusual for him to share his worries, and so whilst I hate that he's worried about something, I'm so pleased that he's felt able to talk to me.

He told me he's worried about sports day. Actually that's not true. He's told me he's NOT GOING TO SPORTS DAY. Because he's worried he's not fast enough or good enough to win anything.

It was reinforced today when he bought home a wish box he'd made in his nurture group - I took a sneaky peek at the wish inside - 'I wish I was good at sports' and he's just made another - 'I wish I could run as fast as Scaramanga'.

I'm linking this up with #MemoryBox, because Mini sharing this with me is a real achievement for him, and I hope shows an improvement in my own skills because he felt comfortable talking to me.


  1. Aww bless him!! But as the saying goes it's not the winning but the taking part that counts!

    A few years ago we had the same issue with my eldest...She hates sports and is not a fast runner she was worried about Sports day too but I had a word with the teacher and when it was her race the whole class cheered for her....She didn't care that she came last....She was so happy everyone cheered for her!!

    1. That's lovely Kim. I'm hoping that knowing we'll all be there to cheer him on will be enough. He sadly doesn't do competition well...but the best thing is that he's been able to tell us how he feels :-)