Sunday, 23 June 2013

Washing machines and wet sheets

It's no secret that Mini's most often used way of expressing his anxieties is through his wetting.

Recently, things have been a little better and the daily wetting we had at school earlier in the year has diminished somewhat. Having said that, it was only Friday that his PE kit was sent home for washing as the staff were concerned it was getting wet.
But things are a bit better, and even the daily, or should I say nightly bed-wetting is slowing down a bit too. My entire house doesn't currently smell of pee from drying mattresses, or heaps of wet sheets awaiting a turn in my washing machine (pretty much limited to the children's bedroom, with the occasional waft across the landing). And more importantly, Mini is not suffering from 'nappy' rash from laying on a sopping wet bed. This is positive of course.

However, I still have enormous amounts of washing to do. Mini is still wetting sometimes and we're like a lot of other youngish families, we have lots of washing! I've just come home from a one-night stay away (to go to Britmums Live!), and although the NC put a load on whilst I was away (thank you thoughtful husband!), the washing basket is still absolutely chockablock full, and that's without the towels which need a wash tomorrow, and of course the bed sheets that need stripping in a few days too.
How does it happen? I do at least one load of washing every day, most days there are two. *Note to self - consider a larger capacity washing machine next time coz 7kg just don't cut it!*

But anyway, why am I writing about wet sheets and washing machines, particularly when things are a little better? Because sometimes Mini wets himself on and off ALL DAY. Sometimes Dollop still has accidents. Sometimes I can't be therapeutic when Mini presents his wet pants to me, or when I find them stuffed inside another item of clothing, hidden at the bottom of a rapidly developing toxic waste site aka the washing basket. Sometimes the sheer amount of washing gets me down. And sometimes all I can smell...all pee.

Today, Mini has wet himself twice. Once, deliberately. And whatever the reason, of which there could be several, I know that now I have to go and put a load on, and the smell of urine will get up my nose for the rest of the evening. The rest of the load (because I can't afford to just do a load with two pairs of trousers and two pairs of pants in) will have a slight whiff after washing because even a double serving of Surf and a healthy dose of Comfort Tropical can't shift this particular Eau de toilet (and yes, that is how I meant to spell it!).



  1. oh I feel for you! I have a lot less washing to do but yes, I too find myself thinking oh no when PJ's nappy leaks at night as it sometimes gets so full and have to do the sheets and the waterproof mattress topper - and sometimes depending on how she sleeps - the duvet too - or the days of 5 sets of wet pants through the day. have you tried the vanish hygiene powder? I do a scoop of that with my washes and it seems to help the smell. (I think)

  2. I haven't tried that but I will go and buy a pot! Mini's duvet just about fits in the machine as it's a thin Summer one...the days when Dollop has an accident too are the worst...her duvet won't fit in :-(

  3. Its really a tiring job when kids wet sheets every now and then. I am having Maytag washing machines to lessen my pressure :)

  4. Oh thank you for this post because I completely didn't think to buy my youngest a spare PE kit for school and he is going to need it. I have 2 bed wetters and youngest is in nappies at night. He wants to come out of them but wets in the day (especially when anxious). Bedding isn't as bad as bean bags though I find.