Monday, 10 June 2013

The Adoption Social is nearly here...

On 14th June will launch. This exciting new blog will encourage and support those involved in adoption, with an emphasis on the use of social media to find others in similar situations.

The Adoption Social has been developed by two adoptive parent bloggers who met via their blogs and Twitter, and developed a supportive friendship. Sarah from The Puffin Diaries and Vicki from The Boy’s Behaviour had both been using various social media and found not only each other but a small, yet rapidly growing community of other adoptive parents, and this has developed to include adoptees, adoption organisations, professionals and prospective adoptive parents.

Having already developed the successful blog link-up* ‘The Weekly Adoption Shout Out’ (or #WASO as it’s known on Twitter), Vicki and Sarah recognised just how important social media such as blogs, Facebook, Twitter, online forums and message boards can be, especially when your family circumstances can make you feel isolated, or the difference in your family set-up can be a barrier to finding people to confide in.

With the world wide web being international and round the clock, there is always someone ‘there’ whether that’s on Twitter or an online forum, and when times are tough sometimes just knowing there are others out there is enough. Not only that, these platforms provide a space for ranting, sharing, asking for advice, nodding in agreement, learning, educating and just feeling a little less alone.

The Adoption Social will bring together information about these platforms, encourage the use of them, and will gather people from different areas into one space. As well as becoming the home for the already successful ‘The Weekly Adoption Shout Out’, The Adoption Social will feature:

Memory Box – Each Monday, bloggers are invited to share and celebrate great moments by adding their blogs to this week-long linky. This could be good parenting achievements, fab things your children do, good memories and could be text, poetry or photos.

Blogless Blogging – This section provides a space for anonymous posts from bloggers who don’t feel able to post on their own sites, one-off guest posts or those wishing to try their hand at blogging. Just send us an email with the text you want to share.

Me & My Blog/My Twitter Life - Regular posts from others already using social media; sharing tips, advice and experience.

Adoption Social Connections – Weekly posts on how to get started on Twitter, blogging, setting up a Facebook page, even using Instagram.

A Problem Shared – A spot where people can put forward a particular problem or issue, and others can comment or share experiences and advice.

In time the site will also launch twitter parties, include reviews of books, programmes and films, and hold a diary of events that might be of interest.

The Adoption Social will be as supportive as it’s users, and so we welcome anyone involved in adoption to submit posts for the above sections. As The Weekly Adoption Shout Out and Memory Box are linkys, all you have to do is write on your own blog and link up on The Adoption Social. For all other sections, we invite you to send us your text (preferably with an image) and we’ll add your post to the site.

Vicki, who writes The Boy’s Behaviour and is co-founder of The Adoption Social says “As an adoptive parent myself, I’ve found blogging has helped me find others in the same position as our family. There have been times when we’ve had to pretty much lock down and work on healing and repairing our family, but that’s isolating, and so Twitter and Blogging have been my lifelines to the outside world. We’re not experts, but we know what’s helped us. ”

“For me The Adoption Social is about providing support for those living within adoption, through creating social media connections. I’ve found that support myself and I want to share it with others who maybe feel sometimes that they are very much alone. We aim to reach out to these people and by sharing experiences and understanding we hope to create a social media community that can truly help.“ Added Sarah, from The Puffin Diaries, the other founder of The Adoption Social.

Support for the new initiative, particularly by some local authorities, has been overwhelming, and it is hoped that other local authorities, voluntary agencies, adoption charities and support organisations will continue to disseminate information through their networks.

If you require any further information or if you’re interested in contributing to The Adoption Social, then please contact Vicki and Sarah at or via You can message us on Twitter too @AdoptionSocial
A list of blogs, usually on a theme of some sort (in this case adoption), all gathered in one place. Bloggers add their own blog addresses to the link-up, and are usually expected to visit some of the other blogs on the list and comment if appropriate.