Monday, 17 June 2013

Review: Trunki - children's ride-on luggage

I remember seeing Trunki's in shops before I even had kids and loving the look of them. So when I was approached to review one, on behalf of Littlewoods for my kids I was thrilled! Probably more thrilled than the waiting, willing children who would be testing it out!

The Trunki is available in a large number of colours and designs, with several different characters too, but I selected a Gruffalo Trunki as we are all huge fans in this house. And it's just as gorgeous as it looks online, there's no mistaking the purple-prickled creature here!

Mini's a bit on the big side to be riding on it now, not that his size has stopped him trying, but Dollop, my lovely little Dollop who often gets pushed to the wayside because of Mini's larger than life character and additional needs, well, we can barely get her off the thing, and she's not all that willing to share it either!

If you haven't seen or heard of Trunki's...well, where have you been? They are amazingly sturdy, brightly coloured, fun looking children's suitcases on wheels, but the best bit (for 3 year old Dollop at least) is that it's also the perfect size and shape for her to ride on. The Gruffalo's horns make perfect little handles for her, and the wheels spin easily. So far, she's tested it inside on laminate flooring, in the yard on concrete, and in the garden on grass and it's happy on all those surfaces. There's been the odd bump when she's gone too fast, but it hasn't tipped and we've not had any falls yet either.

It also has an elasticated pocket inside, and straps - or Teddy Bear seatbelts - in there too, so is perfect for keeping all her treasures safe, and it has lockable catches preventing Mini from getting too close to Dollop's precious things.

 There are short webbing handles on the top, but there is a longer strap that can be attached too so the Trunki can be pulled along.

So far really it's only been used as a ride-on, with a few odd toys inside, but later in the year as we go on our FIRST EVER FAMILY HOLIDAY!!!! (can you tell I'm excited, well, and stressed in equal measure) and we'll be sure to use the Trunki as Dollop's luggage. To buy a Trunki of your own, why not shop with Littlewoods?

Disclaimer: I have not received payment for this review, however I was sent the product for free, and am allowed to keep it (which is just as well because I don't think Dollop would give it up!).


  1. That looks so very cool... I've seen all sorts but never a gruffalo one...

  2. It is unbelievably cool. Wish they did grown-up ones...

  3. I think I was more excited about the Trunki than Missy. I got a good one off ebay. I thought Missy might enjoy pulling it through the airport but she quickly got bored and got in everyone's way. It was however brilliant for packing loads of Missy's stuff to take on the plane rather than having to pack it in my bag.