Thursday, 16 May 2013

The nightmares...

Tonight I put Mini to bed at his usual took a while because he gets so scared about the nightmares. I came down and started writing this piece. Lo and behold, an hour later, Mini has joined me because he can't/won't sleep.

The Nightmares

Nightmares rain down on him every night.
He never drifts off, it's always a fight.

"I can't close my eyes mummy, that's when they come"
So fearful of demons and killers and scum.

Out come excuses for departing from bed.
A wee? A drink? Something funny a friend said...

He lay with his eyes open, staring and wide,
That keeps out the nightmares, they can't come inside.

His body is tense and his heart beats fast.
He wonders and worries about tonight's cast.

Who will it be? Witches or wolves?
Or the man in the hat who stands oh so tall?

Eventually though his eyes betray him.
They close, and rest consumes every limb.

He wakes so often, with cries and with shrieks.
Sometimes the same dream can go on for weeks.

Witches, the man, wolves and a killer,
Mummy and Daddy get eaten for dinner.

It all ends in loss, always the main theme.
It creeps into sleep, taking over the dream.

I hope these soon leave him, he'll rest without fear.
But for now, through the nightmares, we'll hold him near.

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  1. Oh poor Mini. Have you tried guided meditations at all? Once Missy is in bed and after story time, I put one on and stay in the bedroom with her to listen. They're about 10-15 mins long, very relaxing and since doing them Missy has slept much better. Let me know if you'd like details of what I use.

    1. I haven't. Don't know why I've never thought of it really. The trouble is even on the evenings when he's really relaxed, he'll still lay there with his eyes open, refusing to sleep. And he can be so stubborn!
      But if you can send me details that would be great. You've also seen the book I've picked up...I'll share details of that on here soon.

  2. Oh so sad and horrible for Mini. You've described the horror for him so well in your poem. I like the idea of Sezz's guided meditation might give that go myself, for Tink not me.

    Thanks for being part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah. Sezz's idea is great - I often use meditation myself in the evenings. Let me know how you get on using it with Tink x

  3. A dream catcher in his room might help. Also tell him to look in his magic box. It's down by his feet in every dream. No one but him can see it there, no one and nothing can take it away from him. It has all sorts of things in there like an invisibility cloak to keep him safe, a sword and a shield, a light sabre, a wand.....get him to think what else might be in there....what ever he needs it's magic and NEVER empty. It's right by his feet, has he never seen it? Next time he dreams and is scared ask him did he not get something out his box to help him? No, it's definitely there, just look next time. I have used this a few time in my counselling work with children and it really helps. Also used with my 6 year old. She was quite agitated having had a bad dream. When I asked if she'd not used her box she looked at me incredulously and said 'oh I totally forgot about that' and she sounded so relived. We said no more about it but it was as if the fear of what she dreamt wasn't quite so big now she thought she could have had some power. Chances are your son if he likes this idea will actually dream he has a magic box with tools in it that will help him. You have to be totally enthusiastic when telling him and matter of fact about it. Worth a try perhaps? Best wishes.