Friday, 10 May 2013

The early days

In the early days, as husband and wife:
We planned.
We saved.
We moved house.
We worked.
We had fun.

In the early days, as prospective adoptive parents:
We learnt.
We read.
We fretted.
We prepared.
We waited.

In the early days, as parents:
We changed.
We panicked.
We cried.
We laughed.
We fell in love.

Now, as a family:
We love. We laugh. We cry. We learn. We fail. We succeed. We move forward.


  1. I think you have hot the nail on the head

  2. It's all there in simple words. Really lovely and very true. x

    Thanks for being part of the Weekly adoption Shout Out. x

  3. Love this, life really is one long evolving journey isn't it? x

  4. Really lovely. Simple and beautiful at the same time x