Thursday, 2 May 2013

Mummy, Mummy

Mummy! Mummy!
Giggle, whine,
The sounds of my kids, that help pass the time.

Mummy, mummy,
come here please.
A call to patch up scuffed, dirty knees.

Mummy, mummy,
time for dinner?
Mummy's meals are nearly always a winner.

Mummy, mummy,
can we play out?
If you say no, they'll give you that pout.

Mummy, mummy.
Music to my ears.
A word I longed for over the years.

Mummy, mummy?!
Oh, that'll be me,
Better go play then, my kids and me!


  1. Ahh that's lovely :)

  2. Great poem, fun and to the point! Love the word I lined to hear! Bee x

  3. fantastic! i love this, i so wish i could write poetry xx

  4. I love this too! Sums up being a mummy brilliantly xx

  5. What a brilliant poem, I have to say that the name Mummy is one of the best names you an be called - EVER! :). Thank you for linking to Prose For Thought xx

  6. We wait so long for those words and yet at time I'd like to be called something else. Your poem is about all the warm and wonderful ways of being mummy and I loved it's positivity. xx