Monday, 29 April 2013

Learning about London

It's no surprise that things have been pretty up and down here. Just when things start to improve, something goes wrong, and I wrote about highs and lows last week.

We're now definitely looking at moving Mini to another school, hopefully for September. And I've already spoken to our local Admissions Office so I have details on how to apply, and I'm waiting for a call back from a fairly nearby school to talk about Mini's needs and whether they can meet them.

But for now, I want to show you something that Mini has done. I've talked to him and he's happy for me to share this here. Quite recently they did a topic at school on The Great Fire of London. For some reason this really captured Mini's imagination, (perhaps there's a hint of a pyromaniac in there?!) and he has talked about it pretty much constantly ever since. He's been educating Nanny and Grandad, asking intelligent questions about St. Paul's Cathedral, telling Dollop about the relevance of Pudding Lane and I now know all about fire hooks.

Knowing that he was getting interested, Nanny recently gave Mini a new book all about London, and it's fast becoming one of his favourites. He's spent some time going through it, reading a little, and drawing pictures of the places he'd like to visit.

The British Museum...

The London Eye...

St Paul's Cathedral...
The Tower of London... 

Nelson's Column at Trafalgar Square...

And the book that has helped...

 After our concerns about going to London last year, we decided that as he was a year older, getting interested in the Big Smoke, and we were more comfortable managing behaviour we'd go to the London Marathon. That didn't quite work out as we'd double-booked ourselves, but we still hope to take Mini (and Dollop) to the city this year...soon if we can. Now we just need to decide which of these, and all the others things there, that we'll be doing. I'm sure Mini will have a strong opinion on that!


  1. Oh how lovely! Baby girls school have also been covering the great fire of london. I'm not sure she has grasped it quite as well as Mini as she said to my sister the other day 'I love you to the great fire of london and back' lol :)
    Bless him, love his pictures!
    Sending you lots of luck with the school changing stuff xx

  2. Love London, I'll never tire of it. I was right by The Monument on Friday which commemorates the Great Fire. That book looks great and thank you to Mini for allowing you to share his fab pictures. Good luck with the school thing


  3. Bonzo loves London too. There is a great Paddington book which looks at London through a child's eyes - though is a proper guide book. Bonzo loves to look through it and choose where we will go next!

  4. It's a couple of years since we went but the boys loved it. We did an open top bus tour which took in a lot the sites and had special children's commentary which was really good. Hope you get to go soon and love Mini's pictures. xx

  5. Love the pictures! Travelling is one of things I'm looking forward to doing with OB the most :)

  6. Aww I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time! If you don't have friends to stay with and want to stay in a flat rather than a hotel, DM me and I'll send you some info.
    Oh and if you like Paddington (we do, Paddington was adopted too after all!) there's a great Paddington's Guide to London.

  7. I reckon a bus tour trip to see the sights (as you can get on and off as much as you like, if you want) and then maybe a hands on visit to the science museum or the history museum (for a dinosaur fix!) though the former will probably be better for Dollop. And if you want to borrow my Oyster card for cheaper train fares, let me know xx

  8. Oooo love he London Eye picture - you'll all have a fab time. Maybe write some ideas on bits of paper and pick them out of a hat - then save the others for next time! Bee x

  9. Great drawings,I hope you all do get to London and have a fab time there.Also fingers crossed for the new school search I sincerely hope things go well for you x

  10. What great photos :). I remember loving learning about the fire of London when I was at school and I played Samuel Pepys wife in a school assembly once! What great drawings. It really is fab to encourage them when they have found enthusiasm for something. Thanks for linking to PoCoLo xx

  11. fantastic pictures, i hope you get to go to london soon x

  12. I love London! I can't wait to take my two on a trip there. Think I will tell my wee boy about the Fire of London too, he would be interested.