Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Cleaning the Seas - An Ecover Campaign

I like to think of my family as pretty environmentally friendly. We shop local where we can, and we're lucky to have some great farm shops very close by. We tend to eat seasonally (and love the opportunities to go fruit and veg picking). I meal plan weekly and rarely have food waste. When we do, we compost it. We plant bee friendly plants in our garden. We walk often, ditching the car. The NC and I shower, rather than having baths to save water. We take reusable bags to the shops. I've at times, made my own washing liquid, so as to avoid chemicals entering the water system. I buy environmentally friendly products (including Ecover). We re-use and recycle...and not just food packaging, but as much as we possibly can. We give clothes to charity to be re-sold and re-used, and we buy second hand clothes. We're currently looking at second hand furniture for our living room, why buy new if there is something out there that meets our needs, and will go to landfill if it's not bought? And we use Freegle and Freecycle - I'm even a moderator for my local Freegle group.
I'm sure we could do more too, but this is what we're capable of doing at the moment. Little things that are now second nature.

At 6 and 2, Mini and Dollop already know what is recyclable and what isn't. And understand the importance of taking litter home, rather than dropping it. In fact, Mini is the kind of child that would march up to someone and confront them if he saw them drop litter!
I think it's really important to give them gentle reminders about why we have to look after our environment, so that doing so becomes part of their lifestyle.

So, when Ecover sent me the following infographic, I really wanted to include it here on The Boy's Behaviour. As you'll know, our family LOVES going to the beach. We spend a lot of time at the seaside, all year round. We're very lucky, we don't see much litter on our favourite beach, and certainly never plastic bottles, but for our beach to stay this way, we need to tackle sea plastic, and this initiative of fishing for plastic and then recycling it has really struck me.

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time

Cleaning the seas, one bottle at a time. Visit The-Splash for more information and to read the pledge.

So if you're interested in finding out more about Ecover's Cleaning the Seas campaign, or the special sustainable plastic they've developed, have a click through.

Disclaimer: I have not been paid for writing this post, however, I am receiving a free bottle of Ecover Washing Up Liquid (which I use anyway) as a thank you.


  1. Wow, do I feel worse about our lifestyle now. I would hazard a guess that you are doing more than the average family, and what a great example to set your kids. Top Marks!

    1. Thank you, but I don't want to make out that all our actions are solely to save the planet.
      There have been times (particularly around the times our children arrived) that the convenience of the supermarket tempted us away from the farm shops. And our use of charity shops began when that was the only way we could afford to buy clothes.
      Equally, we have a coal fire as our main source of heat (no central heating or storage heaters) which isn't exactly kind to the environment, but we do our best.

      The beach/seaside is so important to us. We know that if our grandchildren are to enjoy it, then we need to educate our children and take some responsibility for looking after it now.