Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mini and Mother's Day

Whilst some adopted children struggle with Mother's Day, Mini's always seemed indifferent really. As far as he's concerned I'm his mum. There is no struggle or conflict, no worries about loyalties, no memories or considerations for his birth mum, or indeed his foster carer. And whilst I am prepared for his thoughts and feelings to change in the future, for the moment I'm happy for my children to treat me for a day, and for my husband to join in too!

So, in our house we do celebrate, and the children usually give me cards, flowers and sometimes small token gifts. I also get to go into Mini's school for an hour tomorrow for 'Mothers Afternoon' where last year we got to make tissue paper flowers to stick onto paper plate 'baskets' together, and I expect this year might be something similar.

The NC, bless him, isn't one for forward thinking particularly (read about last year here), and until I asked on Tuesday if we were doing anything, he'd given little thought to it..except for thinking about Afternoon Tea somewhere nice (rather than a formal lunch where we'd be nervous about the children behaving, and they'd be bored stiff!). He hadn't booked anything though, and I still think a 2 year old and a 6 year old would be pretty bored at Afternoon Tea. Lunch at Nando's/Ben&Jerry's/Harvester/all manner of family friendly restaurants may be a better option!

We know that Mini likes a bit of space to run around in, as does Dollop although she doesn't have the same need to climb, run and skip, so what about if we take a trip to one of our favourite places - the seaside, where Mini and Dollop can 'surprise' me by producing cakes, sandwiches, scones and tea that they've helped Daddy make.
Mini will love the secrecy and the surprise, he'll have space, he'll be in a familiar place, and I'll get to enjoy seeing him (and Dollop) run around and be free, rather than stressing that he won't sit down, shouts, meltdowns, won't eat etc etc.
Unfortunately it looks like rain is going to put the kibosh on that one, but we've still got a day or two to think about it or something similar!

I shouldn't really have to plan my own Mother's Day should I? However, it helped the NC consider points he hadn't already, and whilst he was really keen to make it about me and ensure I had a nice day, I'd rather the children were happy...they're what make me a mum after all.

So for Sunday, Happy and Peaceful Mother's Day to all you mums out there, including mine! Love you mum x


  1. Oh this has made me chuckle. I've literally just said to hubby 'when you pick my mothers day flowers up, pick some up for your mum and my mum too' lol
    Men, how would they cope without us!

    1. :-) Hope you get nice flowers. I always get my favourite - a bunch of daffs!

  2. The best way to make sure you have 'the best day' is to plan it yourself! Have fun, we will too with some similar plans up our sleeves. It is our kids that make us mums, I loved that sentiment. I also felt my heart swell at your 'Love you Mum' sign off. Daw!! xxx

    1. Thanks, hope your day is peaceful. I hope my mum actually reads this post!! xx