Wednesday, 13 February 2013


Today I'm writing because I'm pretty chuffed that someone (or some people) has taken the time to nominate me in another set of blogging awards...the MAD Blog Awards. The MADS recognise mum and dad bloggers across a number of categories and are voted for by other bloggers. To get through to the next round, I need your nominations too...please.
Looking through the nomination lists, I can see that you lovely people have nominated me in several categories - Best Blog Writer, MAD Blog of the Year, Best Family Life Blog and Best New Blog (which sadly I don't think I fit into as The Boy's Behaviour is over a year old now).

This blog started out just to record our journey, but over the last year it's become more than that - I've met (virtually) some lovely people who know what it's like, who empathise, who support and there are a few of you who I'm happy to say have become friends. There are some out there who are quieter and email every now and then, and I know reading what we're going through has given you some comfort too.
But I'm still thrilled to know that people are actually reading what I write, and are interested enough in our life to keep on reading too. I wanted to just say a big thank you to whoever took the time to nominate me.

So if you think The Boy's Behaviour deserves a nomination, then you can do that here - I'm genuinely thrilled to have just been nominated, so I won't be begging, but I thank you in advance if you decide to take part too. There are lots of great blogs out there, so even if you don't nominate me, do make sure you give your other favourite blogs a vote. You've got until 18th February, so just another few days before shortlisting and then voting begin.

**Edit** Am also in the School Days category too now :-) Thank you **

MAD Blog Awards

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