Saturday, 2 February 2013

My first award nomination

Shameless, important stuff:

I'm really pleased to have been nominated for a SWAN award, in the category of Most Powerful Post for my blog post about Memories that were never made...this post means a lot to me as it's about the loss of my dad, and the things that I feel my children have lost by not having their grandad around. It made me cry writing it, and although it sounds strange, it helped me realise that I haven't finished grieving yet...see it's *that* powerful!

However, in order to win anything for this tear-jerking, heart felt, honest post, I NEED YOU! Voting is not officially open yet, but nominations are. And with so many things in life (chocolate, gin and Matt Smith for starters), the more the better!

So click on the pretty pink badge below to be whisked away to a nomination form where you can enter this link under the Most Powerful Post category:

The SWANs Blog Post Awards

Now the other important bit:

SWAN UK is the only support available in the UK specifically for families of children with undiagnosed genetic conditions. Often without a diagnosis, families have no idea what the future holds for their children. 
Through using social media, SWAN UK has grown, fostered friendships, support and information sharing. The SWAN UK awards therefore hope to celebrate the first Undiagnosed Children's Awareness Day and to highlight the organisation itself.

So, if my post touched you, made your eyes leak just a little bit, if you believe it is the Most Powerful Post you've read recently, then please do click on the badge above and nominate me too!

Vicki x