Sunday, 24 February 2013

Lego, movies, and marshmallow pops

Wow, so that half term holiday is over already?! Where did it go?

Regular readers will know I plan holidays - during the Summer I had spreadsheets for every week and planned in homemade activity packs (with the help of Pinterest) and during the Christmas Holiday we have an Elf on the Shelf, who brings activities, gifts and mischief...this I also plan with the help of a spreadsheet. I sound like a control freak, but I like to have an idea of what we're doing so I can ensure a) my finances stretch and b) so I'm not caught short by the 'I'm bored' declarations. I'd go mad if I didn't have a broad idea of what I was up to!

I've previously planned half term hols too, but Mini has seemed so tired recently that I kinda planned to not plan anything this time. So Monday during holidays is always film afternoon. I make popcorn and we watch movies all afternoon...usually just 2, but we've been known to have a Shrek-a-thon, even if it's just in the background. Tuesday and Wednesday were quiet - a trip out for new colouring pens and a birthday present for a party Mini was due to attend this last weekend of the holiday, and then another trip to Toys R Us for Mini to spend the last of his birthday money. Actually the biggest excitement on the Wednesday was Mini's tooth coming out, after spending 6 weeks wobbling away!

On Thursday we went to Nanna and Grandad's for playtime, lunch and a catch up. Mini was delighted to show Nanna how to do Ninjitzu with his Ninjago figures (what his birthday money had been spent on!).

And then Friday we had Mini's first playdate here...I wrote about it before here, and this is the after:
So it went OK. We picked Domino up from hers (she only lives a minute or two down our road), and then walked to the supermarket to pick up some supplies I needed for an activity I'd planned.
Whilst I prepared the chocolate and sprinkles for Marshmallow Pops (a favourite here), the children were happy to do some drawing and colouring. They all loved making the Pops and especially licking the chocolate bowl. After that they played Guess Who and Booby Trap, even letting Dollop join in and then it was lunchtime. And after lunch we took Domino home as her mum needed her back early-ish.

Mini had never had a friend over like this, without their parents being here too. He did brilliantly. He wasn't nervous, he was happy for Domino to take the lead and choose what to do, he was really well behaved until we got back from dropping her off that is...

I guess the important bit is that he was good whilst she was here. He didn't show himself or me up and really enjoyed himself. But afterwards we had several wetting accidents, defiance, rudeness and attempts to bring him close were rejected.
Saturday was the same...more defiance, wetting, refusals, rudeness and aggression. So the NC and I made the decision that Mini wouldn't be going to his school friend's birthday party. Despite one or two whines, we were surprised that actually Mini didn't object and instead we went for a walk, had a long slow lunch, and family time at home. Check out the photo here of Mini and the NC having boys game time together - Day #54. Perhaps the thought of the party was too much, because after we'd said he wasn't going, he visibly relaxed, his behaviour changed and he chilled out.

So all in all, the first half of the holiday was a success...dry beds, relaxed child, more sleep. The second half wasn't quite as good...a few wet beds, wetting on several days, anxiety and stress but we fixed it just in time for the final day. Phew. It'll be interesting to see if Mini is dry come the morning, or whether the return to school is also adding to his anxieties...I'll keep you posted.


  1. Its so sad that our kids struggle with something as simple (to the rest of the world) as a play date isn't it. Baby girl struggled after hers too x

  2. So funny how they can hold it together for a certain time and then they reach that thresh hold and boom! Glad it went well while his friend was there:)