Thursday, 21 February 2013

Eek - a date!

Eek! Mini has a date! Alright, a playdate's still a date right?

This is not Mini's first playdate, indeed in the Summer holidays he went to his friend's house and had a great time with her. The same friend, we'll call her Domino, is coming here tomorrow for a few hours and lunch.

However, this is Mini's first playdate here at home. 

Mini is thrilled, he's keen to show off his gappy gob to Domino (who is also gappy right now!) and looking forward to playing with someone other than his 2 year old sister. I'm not sure how well battling Lego Ninjago will go down with Domino who seems quite a girly girl, but he's keen to show it to her anyway!
I'm a bit nervous. Will she eat the food I make? Will she be warm enough? (in our freezing cold unheated house). But this is a little girl that I've walked to and from school occasionally to help out her mum, have talked to lots in the playground, and she's a really great kid with tons of personality.
How will he be before and after she's here? Will he cope whilst she's here? Can he hold it together?

I hope that my awareness of potential problems will be enough, and I'll breathe a sigh of relief after because it's gone swimmingly. But to me this isn't *just* a playdate, this is an opportunity to see Mini is full social mode, a chance to see whether he can cope with this and an opportunity for him to experience something new in the comfort and safety of home. And it's also my chance to be a good mummy...not embarrassing him, and making sure they've got what they want and need.

Domino will only be here a few hours, but I have got one of Mini's favourite activities planned...something that we'd intended to do yesterday but ran out of time, and something that Domino can easily take home and share with her brother. I hope it'll be a success for them all, and will post 'after' pics once I have them.

So keep your fingers crossed that it goes well for Mini (and me), and that he and Domino have a lovely time. And keep an eye out for the 'after' post.


  1. ooh exciting times! I blogged about baby girls 1st ever play date this week too :)
    Fingers crossed!

  2. Good luck. I would be interested to hear how this goes. My boy meets his grandparents for the first time this weekend so exciting times here as well. I love the name Domino as well, please, please, please continue the James Bond characters when referring to your children's friends!!!! Although I would avoid some rather inappropriate Bond girls' names!

    1. James Bond? I'm ashamed to say I have no idea who you're talking about...not a Bond fan here (but I'm not a cat-lover so will definitely be avoiding feline names anyway!)...but a reference to a favourite pop song :-)

      I'll be blogging about how well it went another time, but I hope your weekend goes well with grandparents...watching our parents with Mini for the first time was pretty cool. I'm sure you already have done this but I'd just be clear about care-giving, the natural urge to pick up and soothe after bumps and falls becomes quite strong for new grandparents in my experience... x