Friday, 4 January 2013

Seizures and Sleep

Today has been one of those days, but then it's followed one of those nights too!

Last night the NC rushed Mini over to A&E after I witnessed Mini having a seizure. It wasn't as violent (in that he didn't convulse as strongly) as before, but I immediately asked the NC to take Mini's temperature. I must have looked worried because he did it straight away no questions asked.
After the thermometer showed a completely normal reading, I explained what I'd seen to the NC.

He'd seen something similar just 5 minutes before when Mini was sitting at the table, but wasn't sure what it was, or indeed if it was anything.

So having both witnessed similar incidents, independently and at different times, we decided that Mini should be seen (as per the advice of the paediatric neurologist he's been seeing). Coincidentally, earlier yesterday Mini had an appointment with the paediatric neurologist, but they told us to cancel if Mini didn't have anymore we cancelled, then literally hours later, he has two close together!

We stayed calm, explained what was happening, and Mini and daddy went off to accident and emergency. Thankfully an overnight stay wasn't required, and they returned home last night. Mini by all accounts, was brave, polite, friendly and well-behaved whilst out.

Don't worry - Mini is fine. He is unaware of the seizures and has no recollection afterwards. He wasn't ill or showing any signs of illness at any point. He was convulsing. This is alarming, and we're still not used to it (I don't think you ever get used to it), but we're thankful that Mini isn't aware. The hospital were happy to discharge him last night, instead suggesting we remake the cancelled neurology appointment, which we've done today (but it's not til April!).

Of course this meant a late night, and therefore a grumpy child this morning. Coupled with the excitement of a friend's birthday party tomorrow and his own birthday in a few days time, all in all it's been quite a gruesome day, argumentative, indecisive and shouty.

But, on the upside, bedtimes have been getting easier. My mother in law gave me a pot of Badger Night Night Balm to try. My sister in law had tried it on Baby Whizz but it was too strong for her and made her too sleepy, but she thought of Mini.
I can't say for definite that it's the balm, or whether it's just that Christmas is over, but we haven't had the long drawn out bedtimes that we were, and Mini's even settled twice in his own bed rather than ours. Phew!


  1. It is very scary when you see your child convulse. Tink had feb convulsions when he was little and I remember how I used to feel. Hope you don't have to wait to long for your next appointment. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah - hope we get a cancellation soon. xx

  2. A close family member had convulsions but grew out of them eventually. The doctors never really got to the bottom of what caused them but it never caused him any harm. I do recall how scary they were for us watching, though. Big hugs to you - I hope you get seen quickly.

    1. Thanks Emily, fingers crossed for a cancellation. We thought as it'd been a year since the last seizure that he'd outgrown them. Seems not quite yet...
      Glad your family member was unharmed and no longs experiences them x