Friday, 28 December 2012

Calm Christmas

So we've had a pretty good Christmas. We had a lovely time with the NC's parents, sister and niece (the lovely baby Whizz) the weekend before Christmas, and then on Christmas Eve we embarked on the journey to the other side of the country to see my mum and step-dad.

It took us 6 hours to get from our house to Nanny and Grandad's, mostly because Dollop wanted to make sure that the toilets at every single service station were the same, and mummy was conducting quality control tests at each Starbucks on the way too ;-)
But despite this long drive both children remained calm, didn't complain of boredom, and both were dry on arrival (in fact we had no accidents at all during the 3 days we were away, or either 6 hour drive there or back).

Christmas Eve was a fairly calm affair with just us four, Nanny and Grandad. Bedtime went OK as Mini was keen to get to bed. Christmas Day morning was calm - Mini woke at 5, came in to our bed and just kept whispering "I'm so excited" but did fall asleep again til 7.30am! Pressie opening was calm, happy, but fairly quick, although to be fair we've been opening a couple of presents each Saturday and Sunday in December as the children have had so many and we knew we couldn't take them all with us, and didn't want to leave a pile under the tree whilst we were away. Dollop had her main present -a Peppa Pig scooter - in the Summer, and Mini opened his Scalextric a few days before Christmas.

Dollop and Mini were both thrilled with their presents. Her favourite was a Peppa Pig umbrella (who knew a brolly could cause so much excitement!) and his was his much coveted modelling balloons (and pump!) which is all he'd really wanted for Christmas.

Visitors were staggered a little with Uncle Smeg arriving first with gifts, then a little later Mini's aunties, their other halves and his little cousin. There were little wobbles, but all were prevented from descending into mayhem. Nanny noticed a few times too, and helped avoid meltdowns. Lunch was an issue as Mini refused to eat, and eventually I had to feed him (along with wetting, Mini's other regression and control point is food, or rather feeding, and we often revert back to feeding him when he's feeling nervous/anxious). Although I did notice he was quite happy to feed himself the chocolate pudding!

Boxing Day was similar with the same visitors, again staggered in arrival (pretty accidentally but it worked quite well!). Then after lunch it was time to leave. Mini started to turn a little and I could see him looking a little wobbly, he refused to go to the toilet when asked by nanny and grandad, crossed arms across chest and started to get the defiant glint in his eyes. I ended up carrying him to the bathroom without a fight, and then he calmly got in the car and we were able to leave.

Problems have come since we've been home but I shan't dwell on those for now as we're generally pretty pleased with how the lead up to Christmas has gone (fantastically except those horrible bedtimes), and how those few 'big' days went too.
And what's more, Mini has told me what a lovely time he had, and how much he loved seeing his nanny and grandad. He was a bit nervous about seeing his aunties and their families (my step-sisters) because he doesn't know them very well, in fact it's been about 3 years since he last saw Auntie A and her other half so it was understandable. We should have worked a bit harder on reassurances before we saw them, but we'll know for next time.

So Christmas complete. Now to focus on Mini's birthday in a weeks time. Can we keep the same calm...*cross both fingers really tightly*

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