Sunday, 9 September 2012

My best friend

Weezy and Farty

I know they sound like some disgusting characters out of the Simpsons, perhaps a spoof of the popular Itchy and Scratchy show. But in fact, Weezy is my best friend and Farty is her hubby. Their names mean they will know who they are!

Weezy lives just a 2/3minute drive away, and very kindly has me over there almost every single Tuesday evening, and shares her prized Betty’s tea with me. This allows me to a) talk about the children and get things off my chest b) talk about the NC and get things off my chest and c) talk to another adult about real life, about them, about their problems, their family, and about random things. It keeps me sane and normal!

I met Weezy 11 years ago when I started my first (and only) proper job. She taught me how to do my job, and we got on well, sharing some of the same interests and just…clicking. After my dad died back in 2004, we became even closer as she became a shoulder for me to cry on. A little while later, Weezy had some difficult times of her own, and I supported her as best I could too. Over lattes and cheese scones we worked, chatted, gossiped, and worked some more.  Weezy and her family treat me and my little family as part of their own  - and her 3 (now grown-up) children are very important to me, although I see them less now than when they were younger, and I’m very proud to be Godmother to her eldest granddaughter.
Farty came along and I was over the moon for Weezy when they moved in together, and even more so when they married (although I hadn’t seen it coming!). Farty is also very important to me because he makes very good tea, and doesn’t mind that I monopolise his wife every week!

Weezy has known me since before I got married and had children. She supported me fully and wholeheartedly throughout the adoption process, and was a referee for the NC and I. She was interested, she’s always stayed interested and she cares. She is also one of the few people that knows virtually everything about Mini…down to his BP’s names, and one of the first people (after the NC, and our parents) that I wanted to tell about my pregnancy with Dollop…in fact it was by her encouragement that I eventually bought a test. She knows me so well, I think she already knew I was pregnant!

All of this means I shouldn’t have been surprised when this weekend Weezy (and her eldest daughter) showed incredible kindness, support, caring and understanding of us, and of Mini, and of how he copes (or not) in certain situations. But I had a little weep, because she really does get it and I was so grateful to her for her understanding. So this post is dedicated to Weezy, and is a big public ‘thank you’ to you and your family.
Love ya xx

P. S This isn’t to say that other friends or family don’t support or understand, but on this particular occasion, I don’t want Weezy’s kindness going unnoticed x


  1. Super jealous! I NEED a weezy in my life, wanna share her?! ;)
    Seriously though, its fantastic that you have someone that truly understands and is able to support you.

  2. Ah best friends, eh? I know exactly what you mean and value my own Wheezy more than I can say, she is a huge blessing in my life. As she prepares to move abroad - far far away - again next January, I am making the most of every precious moment. We've seen each other through the crazy, hazy wild days and into the making a family days and she knows me in a way no one else does. Precious indeed. Love the fact that you've taken time to honour Wheezy xxx

  3. What a lovely post. I, too, treasure my own Weezy and wouldn't be without her for the world. It's great to have a friend like that x

  4. That's lovely. You're so lucky to have such a special friend.

  5. This is lovely. Sounds like you've got a fantastic life long friend here.

  6. How beautiful. A friendship like this should be treasure and indeed, I think publicly declaring your love for a friend every now and again is very worthwhile :) Thanks for linking up to Oldies but Goodies this week x

    1. Thank you. I'm very grateful to have found such a good friend. And thanks for Oldies but Goodies - great linky x