Thursday, 9 August 2012

It's been damp at camp

The wetting has started again. But this time we were expecting it. And puddles, but well, they were expected too!

This week Mini has spent a couple of days at a Sports Camp – just day long sessions learning new skills. I felt I had to tell him a little bit about it in the few days before, because otherwise just giving him half an hour warning the day of camp wouldn’t have been enough time for him to process it, and I would have expected a call from the coaches mid-morning as the realisation hit him, along with the worries about whether I’d pick him up or not. It’s one thing not telling him about day trips when I’ll be there, but another altogether preparing him for a completely new thing on his own.

I knew that there would of course be a downside to telling him too soon…he would be nervous because it was something different, somewhere new and that somewhere happened to be at a school. Although the camp isn’t at his school, it’s still a school and that’s something that has caused him anxieties. So plastic undersheet at the ready and sure enough we had wetting the two nights before his first camp day.
And unfortunately he had wet himself whilst there, but I’d made sure there were spare clothes for him in his bag, and he’d had the sense to tell one of the coaches of his accident so they sorted him out. Sadly, he’d wet a second time whilst there but not long before we’d arrived, so we whisked him home and changed him.

Today was a mini breakthrough – he had his second day of camp but we didn’t get a wet bed last night. He did however wet again during the day, but only once this time and was really upset about it when I picked him up.  But it’s an improvement on his first day, so I praised him anyway.

So we now have a few days of rest, and next week he’ll do 3 days. Then that’s it, camp will be over. We’ll wait to see what happens next week.

Oh and the puddles – that’ll be Dollop who’s just started potty training.  Now where did that can of air freshener go??

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