Friday, 17 August 2012

An up and down week

So we’re over halfway through the holidays now and I’m starting to flag a little bit! But only 2 weeks to go and then we get back into a more structured routine.

Last week Mini did his first two days at a Sports Camp. Along with quite a few of his school friends, Mini got to do 3 or 4 different sports each session – short tennis, basketball, dancing, counting games, catching and throwing practise, football and cricket.
He was a little anxious before his first day, and wet the bed the night before, but he was still keen to go. And despite loving the activities, and having loads of reassurance from me, he was still so anxious that he wet himself a couple of times. Luckily I’d sent plenty of spare clothes!
Over the 3 days that he eventually did, his anxieties lessened, as did the wetting. And he really did enjoy himself. He’s even been practising some of the things he learnt and has tried to teach me and Dollop too.

On Tuesday Mini had his first ever solo play date. A school friend lives just down the road, and so although her mum had invited me to stay if I wanted, I decided to see how he’d do without me. Plus who wants their mum hanging around?! They are aware of Mini’s issues, so I sent spare clothes, but they weren’t needed – result! According to his friend’s mum, he was really well-behaved. And he had a whale of a time, and is keen to return the favour and have his friend here too. However, he was out to disrupt Tuesday afternoon and evening. He couldn’t settle on anything. He was rude, wouldn’t share and pinched things from Dollop. It ended up with me stopping the outside play. I had to carry Mini into the house, and then leave him trying to kick and thrash his way through the back door whilst screaming and telling me just how he was going to break it!

Wednesday was a quiet day in the end – movies, walks and stories. At least, that was the plan. In reality by 9am I’d had enough of the meltdowns, indecisiveness, defiance, shouting and hitting. He’d been trying to engage Dollop in some totally inappropriate ‘play’ – talking guns and how he was going to kill himself. What Mini doesn’t know yet is that my own father committed suicide so I find it a difficult subject, and certainly not one for pretending to do. He noticed my tears but just repeatedly shouted ‘WHAT!’ at me...So the walks were needed to just get out and avoid some of the negativity and preserve my sanity.

Thursday we had our recorded assessment – the MIM. I’ll talk more about that another time – but generally it went well, and Mini thought it was just a test for mummy and daddy. He was totally fine with it.
After that we took Mini to our local museum as he’d been asking about seeing fossils and dinosaur bones. He liked seeing the Woolly Mammoth model as we walked in, but was generally over excited the whole way through. I know museums can be stuffy and boring, but actually there are a few interactive areas which I thought would interest him…nope, he was too hyper, flitting from one thing to another with little interest in anything – even the dinosaurs and fossils! He did however like the Egyptian exhibit and got to dress up, and do crayon rubbings on some hieroglyphics to spell his name out.

Today, Friday has been OK. We’ve gone through about 6 activity packs trying to keep everyone entertained. And watched Tangled. And had Mamma Mia on in the background. Things only deteriorated when the NC came home.

But now, both children are in bed. And I am calm – ish. Now for a *fun*-filled busy weekend. Eek!

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