Thursday, 9 August 2012

A CAMHS and PAS update

This week I had a face to face catch up with the CAMHS's been quite sometime since I've seen her, but we've chatted on the phone a few times and the NC had a 1:1 meeting with her too.

She didn't really have much to tell me. It's the same old stuff each time we meet. Although she's sympathetic, and she seems pleased with what I learnt on the course that was run by CAMHS, she just can't do more than listen to me rant and repeat scenarios. She can't even make suggestions on how to handle things, different techniques or things to try. Although this time she did try to boost my confidence by telling me that I'm doing OK and need to remind myself more often. And she repeated several times that this difficult time will pass. Although we have no idea when.

We're still waiting for PAS to come back with an appointment for the MiM - the videoed assessment of our family interacting, and the longer we wait for this, the longer it seems it'll be before Theraplay starts. CAMHS therapist was supposed to be speaking with PAS this week and so hopefully this'll hurry them on a bit too.

So it continues to be a waiting game, although we're not letting ourselves be forgotten.

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