Saturday, 28 July 2012

One week down...

So that's the first week of the summer holiday done. Phew!

The highs:

We have so far had a movie afternoon, gone to the play area, made bath salts, played in the garden, been to the beach, gone shopping and out for lunch in town, been to the beach again, spent pocket money on the pier, written in a homework journal, taught Dollop how to blow bubbles, performed back-flips on a bungee bouncer, played with Lego, been on a scavenger hunt, made sausage and spaghetti spiders, made 'nature paper', been geocaching - twice, been to nanna and grandad's and paddled in the pool, and made and eaten marshmallow pops.

My washing machine is feeling somewhat neglected because Mini has had almost a week of dry days and nights. A feat that we haven't achieved since *thinks really hard to remember* at least January.

Our bathroom however is feeling fully appreciated as Mini has requested baths every day to use his own special homemade bath salts. And the extra bonus is that he smells gaw-jus!

The boy's behaviour has been sooooo much better during the day. He's been tolerant of times when I couldn't respond immediately. He's not moaned when doing activities he hasn't enjoyed so much. Mini has also been more affectionate than normal, and he's clearly trying really really hard at the moment.

The lows:

Because he's been so occupied during the day, Mini has become very tired in the evenings. And overtiredness leads to meltdowns, defiance and aggression. Luckily, our activities haven't been too manic, exciting or stressful and so these meltdowns have been minimal. It's the niggling defiance that is causing more problems.

Dinnertimes are difficult because of the overtiredness and defiance mentioned above.

Bedtimes are too.

The crack in the living room ceiling has lengthened slightly after the bedtime and sleep refusal one evening led to Mini having a full blown jumping up and down tantrum in his room. *looks down at keyboard quickly to avoid pondering on ceiling repairs*

Mini had a moment at the beach today when he just couldn't stop himself running into the sea with his (only) trainers on. (We hadn't intended to paddle today, just walk on the prom). I have to take him shoe shopping tomorrow because they are still (5 hours later) dripping and sodden and his flip-flops aren't suitable for walking more than half a mile, we which will be doing this coming week.

But the highs definitely outweigh the lows this week. And apart from when the tiredness has set in (usually coinciding with the NC returning from work) it's been really nice to see Mini relax, chill out and just play. The planning is paying off and Mini is eager to know which activity we're doing each day and I feel in control, which means even during the off moments, I feel like I'm handling things better than before.

Let's hope this coming week is as good or *whispers* maybe even better??!!


  1. Sounds good - well done both of you!

  2. wow you have a lot of energy!! well done