Monday, 18 June 2012

School worries and bedtime blues

If our theory about teachers is correct, then Mini will be feeling pretty anxious about tomorrow – as Tuesday afternoon is when he regularly has another teacher.

What happens when Mini is anxious? Wetting and meltdowns.

Mini has been through 4 pairs of pants today. An entire school uniform went in the wash (including jumper).

From dinnertime Mini has been hyper, naughty and attention seeking.
During an hour’s playtime after dinner, the meltdowns started. Over jigsaws and who got to cuddle who first. Then over getting changed and who was brushing their teeth first. Meltdowns that involved thrashing and shouting, and throwing objects at people.

During bedtime stories, Dollop got jumped on…with full body-weight behind it. Daddy got hit on the back of his head and neck with wooden train track. Mini screamed, and then carried on screaming. Really screaming - that high pitched, nerve grating, gutteral scream that only little people can manage with such effect.

Not wanting to undermine daddy, I left it for a while before climbing the stairs to investigate and intervene. When I did, I found daddy still bravely trying to read to Dollop, whilst Mini was sitting bolt upright on his bed crying.
Carrying Mini downstairs I did some wondering… ‘I wonder if you’re feeling a bit nervous about seeing Mrs X tomorrow’ and ‘I wonder if you’re worried about Miss U not being at school’. Recently Mini has started responding to this and either agreeing or disagreeing, but not tonight. Tonight he just quietened down, cuddled up, and waited for daddy to come back down.

And there we go…only an hour late for bed, but he’s in bed and asleep.

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  1. It's all too much for their little heads. Glad he settled in the end. :)